IndieWritersReview’sMusic Monday! 100,000 Listeners Arts Festival and Guest Line Up PLUS X-Phaze new music videoand Q The Question talks the NFL Season!

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Hello guys it’s Monday and around here that means music! Today I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know of a fantabulous event that is soon coming! I have been mentioning that our radio segment IndieReview Behind The Scenes is nearing 100,000 total listens! So we’re having a party! Yep, November 15th the IndieReview Behind The Scenes staff and Author BK Walker’s VBT Cafe Virtual Tour Company will be hosting a 100,000 Listeners Arts Festival on November 15th at 7pm CST! We already have some incredibly talented artist and authors on board to bring you some great behind the scene footage, music, books and more!

So please make sure to mark your calendar’s for this event  and IF you wish to be a host or a part of the event please sign up at the above link!

Take a look at a few of our guests so far!:)

Registration has recently opened if you would like to take part as one of our guest OR as a tour host please sign up here! 100,000 Listeners Arts Festival sign up! or email me at to join the fun!:O)


Raine Thomas

                                                                                                                               raine thomas author pic





Marilyn Almodovar


Laura Deluca


Marianne Spritzer

Marrianne Spritzer

Heather McCorkle

heather mccorkle

A.M. Hargorve

A.M. Hargorve


Nikki Rae

nikki colligan

Rae Hachton

author photo Rae Hachton

Quinton ‘Q The Question’ Hatfield

q the question

Music Artists

Cecile Monique




Trel Mack

TrelMack Insoired By Greatness

Leanne Louise

leanne louise

Petter Jones

970271_524038534329963_2001542306_n (1)



Here is a sample of a what’s in store!

Music Artist X-Phaze

New Single and Music Video!


and Football Fans!

S.K.E. Records Author/Publicist Q The Question Hatfield talks the NFL on DTong Sports!


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