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Chrysalis 7


Hello everyone! I just wanted to quickly give a status update on my soon to be released novel Chrysalis. Chrysalis has a tentative released date of September 31st (digital versions) and October 12th for (print) and so production appears to be on course!:)

At present the first round of edits have been completed on Chrysalis and the book will now be distributed to Betas for their feedback. Once that is in, the book will go into the final read and polish!

A few deets about this story.

First-this will be my first full length novel, from concept to completion has been two years, going through two written variations! So it has a special place in my heart:)
Second-Also, there will be a slight overlap with my Night School novella series. The world that will come into play in this last Night School novella which has a tentative release date of December, is the world of Chrysalis which will be explored fully. Although the characters are different, there is a surprise for those who have read Night School in the Chrysalis novel.

Third– And last another detail regarding Chrysalis, when first coming up with the idea, my desire was to create a Young Adult novel; at completion, Chrysalis is more in line as being a mature Young adult, closer to New Adult mainly due to the story telling and fantasy violence.

So anyway check out the excerpt below, I thought I would post one in celebration!:) I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any thoughts or feedback, please, please leave a comment!

If you would be interested in being a reviewer for Chrysalis once it is released on September 31st, please leave your information below or email me at

Thanks Guys!


Chrysalis Officially Officially Officially cleaned up on April 10th 2013


Blurb: After the war between Man and the Supernatural. The world settled back into a harmonious rhythm. Man and Preternatural existing side by side, building a society that was technologically advanced and beneficial to both kinds. Ruled by ThunderKins (Children of the Sun). But there was dissatisfaction in several of the Divisions. Some did not accept the rule of ThunderKin. The Thunderkin heir was targeted for destruction, believing this would cause the Thunderkin rule to be overthrown. So Chaos was birth and Chaos had a name….Ayda

Ayda Blackhawk was the beautiful, mysterious new girl at Eagle Ridge High School, in the Mountain Division of the New World, She was not there to make friends but to bring destruction. Her assignment? To kill the Thunderkin heir. But Ayda meets Adrian the ThunderKin leader, and through a twist of fate, the rules change which places Ayda, Adrian and their world at the cross roads to either destruction or redemption


Ayda stood in the shadows of the small alcove that was situated behind the stage of the high school’s brand new auditorium. She scrutinized the Rigger platform that hung high and swung back and forth slightly from the breeze of the air and heat system installed behind the auditorium stage.

There was a ladder attached, leading to the platform, allowing access to those—mainly Humans—who hoisted up the lights, or sound systems, for the school’s performances. In her previous investigations, she’d noted a small awning window at the top that provided a perfect vantage spot to the outside air practice fields, where Kindale’s famed air skaters practiced. Adrian Dusong was the captain, and at that very minute, he was practicing. This was her best chance to end this.

Climbing the ladder, she made her way to the wooden scaffolding. Once she’d reached the top, she looked above her head towards the awning window. The slight lip that jutted out from the pane was narrow and it would take careful maneuvering to pull herself onto it and maintain her balance until she was finished with the job.

Her blood pumping with anticipation, she slightly swung her upper body, reaching to get a grip on the edge of the window sill. Once she had a firm hold on the ledge, she pulled herself upwards. Then she slightly flipped her body up and around, leg first, and landed in a sitting position on the small makeshift pallet connected to the window.

The window’s lock was unclasped. She opened the panel slightly. From her back pocket, she pulled out the ELIMN vial—Energized Liquid Moonstone Navigator. Originally produced by the Terrains, there was no stronger substance found in Bid’a Ban.

The Terrains produced Moonstone when it was realized that the liquefied gem was extremely powerful and deadly. The substance was used to shoot down missiles, rockets, and other projectiles, and after years of research, it was also discovered that the stone was lethal to some species of Kin- ThunderKins were of those whom Moonstone in any form could prove harmful, and ample amounts distributed straight to the Thunderkin’s heart would prove deadly.

Ayda placed the small vial—its tracking device filled with a fragment of her target’s DNA—inside the blowpipe. The DNA ensured the projectile would find its intended target. The blow dart casing was made of Hemlock wood, providing a deadly combination to the unsuspecting Thunderkin. Ayda positioned the device through the window’s opening. Once Moonstone entered the bloodstream, its poisonous path disappeared, and the Kin’s system would shut down. The effects of the deadly weapon mimicked numerous other ailments particular to the Kii, rendering it almost untraceable. Leader Cheveyo had had this weapon especially made for Ayda.

She watched as the swaggering crowd of boys bolted onto the field. A nearby squad leader, a ThunderKin male, stood on the raised platform calling out names. When the boys heard their names, they scrambled to stand in various lines and formations. Soon Ayda heard the name she had been waiting for. Adrian Dusong.

Ayda’s heart made a funny hop in her chest as she watched Adrian run to his place in the front of one of the squadrons. His raven hair, cut close in back and slightly longer in front, blew gently in the breeze. His skin glowed a burnished bronze in the sunlight, and the lean lines of his muscular body strained the white V-neck T-shirt over the standard phys-ed shorts. Heat spiraled through her body in seeing the beautiful ThunderKin boy. Forbidden images of Adrian taking her into his arms flashed, unwelcomed, through her mind. I wonder how that would feel?

“No!” she said out loud, ejecting the taboo vision from her thoughts. After wiping her wet palms on her jeans, she readied the blow dart, determined not to allow unwanted Human emotions to intervene with her duty.

Ayda was waiting until the boys began shifting to take to flight. Mid-shift is the Kiis’ most vulnerable moment. When the roll call was complete, she watched the boys huddle and then break apart, until they all stood in various positions on the field. Each team member began to shift one after another, and finally, Adrian began his phase. Ayda raised the dart, eye steadfast on her target, aimed for his heart, but her resolve wavered only a millisecond when mid-shift, Adrian turned his head and looked up, appearing to stare straight at her.

Ayda was not sure if he was able to see her. She had raised her cloaking barrier right before the event, believing herself to be safe from the piercing Kii eyesight. Yet she felt aware of Adrian’s burning gaze. With a firm resolve, she placed the blow device to her lips and blew. She watched as the dart hit its target. Adrian was thrown out of the shift before he fell to the ground. It was done. As she watched Adrian twitch and convulse on the ground and noted his teammates and instructors racing to his side, Ayda felt a blackness overtake her. A sob punched its way through her chest. When his body stilled, it seemed a part of herself died as well.


3 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview- Chrysalis Update and Excerpt!

  1. Woohoo, not long now! I never tire of star-crossed lovers stories. Great excerpt, Michelle. Something tells me Adrian will recover and live to make Ayda pay. 🙂

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