Vampires Vampires Everywhere

My daughter and I are now watching Buffy on Netflix and coming towards the end of season 2. We just finished up the episode when the soulless Angel killed the Gypsy computer teacher Miss Calender! OMG! We were heartbroken for Buffy and her pals…especially since I was a heartcore Bangle(Buffy and Angel ) from the beginning! So when seeing this great post by the fantabulous Emma Meade I had to share!:O)

Emma's Ramblings on Supernatural Fiction

Time for a fun vampire post. Love or loathe these creatures of the night, there’s no getting away from them these days.

Spike – Bloody hell, we love him. Well, at least I do. This guy’s my absolute favourite vampire ever. He roared into town and my heart in Season 2 of Buffy in one of the best episodes, “School Hard”. Bleached blond, bad boy attitude, working a punk rock star look and English accent, Spike gave Angel a run for his money as the main vampire on campus.

Angel – He said Buffy was the only woman he ever loved – and then he fell in love with Cordelia. Er – okay. I really liked Angel for the first couple of seasons, and after that – not so much.

EdwardCullen– Those of you with sparkly skin prejudices, back away, now. Ed’s my boy, and I was deeply…

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