IndieWritersReview’s Review of Forbidden Fruit by Ronda L. Caudill

ronda caudill bio picHello Everyone! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Forbidden Fruit  by Author Ronda Caudill!

About this author
Ronda L. Caudill grew up in the small rural town of Glade Spring, VA and married her high school sweetheart. They have been happily married for 24 years. She has two wonderful daughters. Ronda earned her Ph.D. in Education from Capella University. She is the author of Birthright (A Nobleman Novel), The Choice (A Nobleman Novel) and short story A Night at the Bishop House.
forbidden fruit
Forget everything you thought you knew about Jack the Ripper. Forbidden Fruit is a twisted tale about Jack the Ripper. The murderer dubbed Jack the Ripper prays primarily on women of the night but is anyone safe from the Ripper’s blade? This twisted tale will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will be amazed at who Jack the Ripper really is.
Forbidden Fruit Booktrailer
Forbidden Fruit is a tale that twists what we  as a society may believe about the Serial Killer called Jack The Ripper!  The novel set in Victorian England in 1888, follows the tale of  a  young and beautiful servant named Lucinda. The book opens with Lucinda, avoiding an attack by her employer Judge Whitman who was known as a cruel man, and at the beginning of the story, set out to force himself sexually onto the young servant. Lucinda does escape the judge, running into the street bruised and bleeding. She falls in the path of a carriage which stops, and the owner rescues Lucinda and bring her into his home, Dr. Wellington becomes the kind benefactor of Lucinda. Soon, she becomes a part of the Dr.’s home, treated kindly by his staff especially the head housekeeper Ms. Poe. Lucinda discovers that the Dr. is extremely kind and soon grows fond of him and his household.
The only challenge Lucinda has, is the actually house, a Victorian mansion that although lovely becomes eerie and dangerous at night. She is instructed by the Dr. and Mrs. Poe to lock herself in her room at night, and not to come out until morning. This confused Lucinda, until she began to hear strange noises and scratches outside her door at night. She also sees shadows underneath her door, this continues for awhile, until she confronts Dr. Wellington and he explains that the former owner was also a Dr. but he was evil performing cruel experiments and practiced necromancy. Lucinda was informed that the house held an evil presence, possibly due to the patients of the former Dr.who died in the house or the practice of Necromancy.
Other than the fears at night, Lucinda continued happily, with Dr. Wellington’s kindness and she grows very fond of him, not allowing herself to be disturbed by his late nights at his lab, where he says he performs “special research”.
Forbidden Fruit continues with the Dr. presenting Lucinda to society by having a lavish party with London’s elite. Among the guests, the Judge, her former employer, and his family are in attendance and shocked at Lucinda’s transformation.
The night of Lucinda’s party, a gruesome murder happens at the mansion to one of the socialites and the investigation proceeds with no real suspects, Lucinda is sent to a finishing school and her relationship progresses with Dr. Wellington to the point of engagement.
At Lucinda’s new school, another murder happens- a stable boy’s body is found after he tries to attack Lucinda.
The story heats up as the murders in White Chapel begins; some see the previous murders related to the prostitute killings, but nothing is for certain!
 Forbidden continues on a twisted journey where no one is who they seem!:O)
I have always loved the stories set in the Victorian era, relishing in the Gothic tales of the lives of those that inhabited the huge mansions and the events in their society. Throw in  a mystery, a little suspense and of course the ghost and I am hooked.
Now Forbidden Fruit had all  of these ingredients plus the sensational plot of the Jack The Ripper phenomenon:) This added an intriguing element, bringing the thrill of seeing a fresh version of  “what if” in this classic tale.
I found Forbidden Fruit extremely enjoyable! I was intrigued from the start, with the writing style which was reminiscent of  writers such as British
Author  Eleanor Hibbert, who wrote under many pen names including the Victorian Romance author pen Victoria Holt of which I am a huge fan!
I found Forbidden Fruit engaging, there was a wonderful building up of Lucinda’s world and each player within it. The writing was clear, flowed well, with the suspense building with each chapter. Each time I thought I knew what was happening and who Jack the Ripper was, I was wrong!:)
The story held me and I had no choice but to keep turning the page to find out what would happen next. I truly enjoyed this tale and I was completely shocked at the end! I recommend for anyone who enjoys a good mystery or that enjoys Victorian era romance then this is a must read! Due to some violent scenes I would rate this as 16 years old and up.

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