IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-Week Mix Recap!! Music Today- Shun Ward, Trel Mack ft Shaun Chris John (S.K.E. Records), Leanne Louise and more!



IndieReview Behind The Scenes goal is to be your source of the HOTTEST in INDIETAINMENT news and features! Check out today’s Mid-Week Mix w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan. Music by  Trel Mack ft Shaun Chris John, Shun Ward, Leanne Louise, Mackenzie Porter, FIFOIT ft X-Phaze, Carolyne Mescher, B.R  and much more!

Listen to Today’s show: IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-Week Mix!

IndieRevIew Behind The Scenes on Face Book:IndieReview Behind The Scenes on Face Book

Community Mentions in writing: IndieRecon’s June Marketing Week 10th-13th

Community Mentions in music: Go Girls

New Music Spotlights!

Shun+Ward+posterMature Content


ske recordsIndieReview Behind The Scenes’s “Behind The Music” w/ Street Knowledge Entertainment(SKE Records)

Shaun Chris John having trouble with DJ drops, with Trel Mack and Q the Question

Wonder if  he ever was able to get the drop recorded:O=))

That’s alright, he’s a cutie, we all get tongue tied sometime! Shaun makes up for it with his fantabulous voice! Check out the awesome Trel Mack and Shaun Chris John in Dreams of a Winner!


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