IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-Week Mix Recap!!



IndieReview Behind The Scenes goal is to be your source of the HOTTEST in INDIETAINMENT news and features! Check out today’s Mid-Week Mix w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan. Music by  Trel Mack, Petter Jones, Shun Ward,  Aoede, Cecile Monique, FIFOIT feat X-Phaze and much more!

Listen to Today’s show:IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-Week Mix!

IndieRevIew Behind The Scenes on Face Book:IndieReview Behind The Scenes on Face Book

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Community Mentions in writing: IndieRecon’s June Marketing Week 10th-13th

Community Mentions in music: Indie’s 101 Ways To Make Music As A Musician!


New Music Spotlights!





ske records

IndieReview Behind The Scenes’s “Behind The Music” w/ Street Knowledge Entertainment(SKE Records)

Trel Mack upset about video shoot!


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