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book reviewHello Guys, grab you  a frosty glass of sweet tea, I have a great read to tell you about, perfect for those lazy summer days!

It’s a HOT one:O) (Ok, that was a little corny:)

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Candace Knoebel

About this author

Candace Knoebel is the award-winning author of Born in Flames-a young adult fantasy trilogy.

Published by 48fourteen in 2012, Born in Flames went on to win Turning the Pages Book of the Year award in February of 2013. Embracing the Flames, the second in the trilogy, is scheduled for release in the summer of 2013.

Candace Knoebel discovered through lunch breaks and late nights after putting her kids to bed, a world where she could escape the ever-pressing days of an eight to five Purgatory. Since then, she crawled out of Purgatory and has devoted her time to writing and sometimes heelying.

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born in flames cover

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Red mirrored scales race up my arms as the haze of pain blurs my vision. My bones crack, breaking to realign. I scream. It is then that the realization of my unavoidable fate sinks in; I am of a dying race. I am dragon.

Aurora Megalos, orphaned and teetering on the edge of adulthood, thought finding her past would curb the sting of being an outcast. Having no memories of the time before she awoke on her foster mother’s doorstep, she yearns for the emptiness inside her to be filled. With her fellow orphaned best friend, Fenn, by her side, she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. But something powerful stirred within her that she couldn’t explain. Something wanted out.

In the dark of night, a crazed Seer, dubbed Mr.Creepy, erases everything she’s ever known with an impending prophecy. She now faces two paths. Return to her true home to protect a dying race against a growing evil, or stay hidden in the safety of our realm with a shot at a true love. With a vengeful Arch Enemy stopping at nothing to see her dead, she’s running out of time; a decision must be made. What would you choose?

My Review

First I wanted to say I ADORE that cover! It is splendid with its brilliant combination of colors(which happened to be my favorites, browns and the mix of red and yellow) Also the design of the girl is engaging, the texture of the photo seems so real, as if the viewer can reach in and touch the Dragon scales.

But on with my thoughts on the story. I will say I love Dragon stories, and this is a genre that I enjoy each time I read something on the subject, but those opportunities are few and far between, Born In Flames tells the story of  Aurora and her best friend Fenn, who grew up together in a Foster home, and since that time had moved out and began making a life on their own. Life is pretty normal, and their daily life is not all that exciting, up, commuting to their job in a restaurant, work all day, back home, to wake up and do it all again. But one day during the commute to work, a man they have never seen before enters there life and now everything begins to change. Aurora has to come to grips with what she has known all along …that there was something different about her, that inside there was always “something” that stirred, (especially when angry) and wanted out. Fenn unbeknownst  to Aurora is also experiencing  changes inside and soon the two are told of their destinies and what they must do to help a dying race. Now their  quiet lives are changing, and neither is too happy about this, but they are not only having to come to grips with what is being asked of them, as well as the changes in their bodies; they realize  their friendship is metamorphosing into a entirely different relationship; Aurora and Fenn  comes to terms with the fact, that it all must be understood and a decision made quickly, because the clock is ticking and now their lives are also based on a simple Choice.

Born In Flames was a delight to read, thrilling from the beginning, with the appearance  of Mr. Creepy to the very end! A great read:) I will say that one of the best parts for me, was the relationship between Aurora and Fenn. They were so devoted to one another, and I believe it drew me in so much, because the author showed their devotion as “friends”. Yes, of course, there was a mega prophetic element regarding their relationship. But as far as each knew, their affection grew slowly  as friends. It was so cool to see the unfolding of their feelings of each other, in the midst of all this craziness that was thrown at them. It was if the scales actually fell from their eyes, and they saw each other and were like..”hey, you’ve been there all this time?” and had the realization that they were perfect for one another. So when the story progresses and it is shown that yes, there is something fundamental (from their world) about the relationship. It rings true, and how fun to wake up one day and realize that your perfect guy is your bestie!:) I loved that:)

Both characters were very easy to like, Aurora, had an openness about her, and Fenn of course, I found myself a little in love with him, just because of his protectiveness and caring for Auroa, I also loved the small awkward moments when he attempted to come to grips with what he felt, and was TRYING so hard to plan their first “real” date…and things simply would not go right. Now I did get a little exasperated with him when he would not allow Aurora, or I should say interfered in the times, she wanted to get information from Mr. Creepy, yes, I was right along with Aurora in my frustration with him. Although I understood he was simply trying to keep their world the same and unchallenged. Also, the author did a really good job of hiding the little things that were going on with Feen until the end, so I was surprised(like Aurora) with what transpired with Fenn towards the end…

I felt that the pacing was perfect, it flowed smoothly and quickly, I never was bored. The writing style was comfortable, conversational, clear and easy to get drawn into. The descriptions of Aurora in her other form and the world she came from was my favorite.

Born In Flame was a thrill to read, full of action, adventure, love and some humor!

I look forward to Embracing the Flame, the second in the series that should come out soon, (I even stalked Amazon and the author website site to see if it was out yet and it wasn’t:( But I will definitely grab me a copy!

Recommend for Teens and Adults who enjoy Paranormal/Fantasy


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