IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-Week Mix Recap! and Feature:The Rise Of SKE: Webisode 3 “Another Day” Season 1



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Past shows Saturday, May 25th IndieReview Behind The Scene’s segment Behind History was one of the Staff Picks on Blogtalk!

Blogtalk has thousand of shows and millions of listeners! This is the FOURTH time IndieReview Behind The Scenes has been one of the featured shows on Blogtalk since launching March 2012, and we are very grateful to Blogtalk!

Featured show for Mr. Charles Reid on BlogTalk Home Page May 25th 2013 Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan and Jamie B. Musings IndieReview Behind The Scenes

This past Saturday show was an interview with Mr. Charles Henry Reid 

Renamed for feature WWII SPY CAMPS

Mr. Charles Reid, whose family owned much of the land that is now Prince William Forest Park in Northern VA.

Before it became Prince William Forest Park, the land belonged to the communities of Hickory, Joplin and Batestown.

Eventually, the land was taken and then used by the Office of Strategic Services(forerunner to the CIA), as a training camp for spies during World War II.

In History: The lost land of Hickory Ridge, Joplin and Batestown, which became Prince William Forest VA.

More Information on Hickory Ridge, Joplin and Batestown

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nutin but the stringz

indiesoul movement


ske records

IndieReview Behind The Scenes’s “Behind The Music” w/ Street Knowledge Entertainment(SKE Records)


“Another Day”




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