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ske recordsHappy Memorial Day all! It’s Monday so that means music here:0) Today I am throwing the spotlight on SKE Record’s artist Trel Mack!

About The ArtistKatrel Kelly, also known as Trel Mack (born September 15, 1986 Philadelphia, Pa) is a American Hip-Hop recording artist and songwriter. His rap career began in 2006 with his independent entertainment label Street Knowledge Entertainment (SKE) that he started with Journalist and Publicist Quinton Hatfield. Trel Mack is known for his two releases Mack Of The Year & The New Dynasty.

Hot off the Press  from S.K.E. Records!

Trel_0780 (1)

Trel Mack will be hosting an upcoming episode of the nationwide TV show “WHO?MAG Video Vision”.  The show reaches over 100,000,000 households nationwide and throughout Europe including Punch TV on broadcast network TV in 38 cities (, iFame TV on ROKU (smart TV), and Yamgo TV (a free 24/7 streaming cellphone app).

WHO?MG Multimedia CEO Rob Schwartz says, “We have supported Trel Mack and the SKE Records movement from day 1.  It’s great to have him on “WHO?MAG Video Vision” and host one of our episodes.”  Video Vision will have the world broadcast TV premiere of Trel Mack’s video “No Holding Back”.
For more on “WHO?MAG Video Vision” visit or  To get your music videos placed, email @qthequestion, @trelmack, @skerecordsInstagram-QTheQuestion, TrelmackTrel Mack “Inspired By Greatness” out now!

Buy a copy at Amazon
Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 6.47.56 PM


SKE Records the independent label out of Philadelphia established by Trel Mack & Q The Question, has brought on a new act. He goes by the name of  Petter Jones and comes from the city of Philadelphia. Petter Jones brings you a style that is very versatile with plenty of creativity. The story of the name Petter Jones comes from his days of being the class clown. Joking around with a substitute teacher Jones explain how the name Petter Jones derived using it as his name during roll call.

Petter Jones is an artist that delivers off of fierce production as he explains “Don’t let the beat make your first hit, the artist should make the production a hit and that what Petter Jones brings to the table.” Being an artist that can touch on all topics Jones details how he as an artist is very entertaining and how through the years fans will get the best stories from him. Jones goes into detail as well on being an artist on the SKE Records roster “Trel Mack & Q The Question are giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and it’s up to make SKE Records worldwide brand only flourish.


Currently in the studio working on his “Super Saiyan” mixtape, Petter Jones is going to deliver a project so stellar for the fans of hip-hop. Jones goes into detail on the “Super Saiyan” mixtape “It’s going to be insane, super sick beats, super sick flow, the whole nine, this an appetizer to show the game who is Petter Jones & what I can do”. I’m going to let the fans be the judge of my craft and the goal is to have them respect and joy something fresh and new.

What is your favorite type of music? Hip Hop? Country? Rock?

Who are your favorite music artists?


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