IndieWritersReview Music Monday! Spotlight on Hotel Bossa Nova (Jazz)

Hello Everyone! It’s Monday so that means music! Today I am throwing the spotlight on the talented Jazz group Hotel Bossa Nova and their album Supresa!



by Hotel Bossa Nova

Download $9.99
This music is elegant, relaxed and promises many musical surprises. Enjoy this special “vacation for the ears”.
Genre: Latin: Brazilian Jazz
Check out music by Hotel Bossa Nova’s Supresa at CD
About Supresa: *SUPRESA* is one of these albums, which are so multi-faceted and colourful, that one can hardly grasp it all at once. Revolving around the Jobim classic “Corcovado”, the only non-band composition on the album, the band develops its own Bossa Nova universe. An album like a day on the sea, that always reappears among the priceless songs like an image, in which all the secrets and desires of the worlds are buried. The music alone radiates this feeling of pure joy, which perhaps is the result of the fact that Hotel Bossa Nova not only artistically moves on and evolves without constraint. The four friends are their own managers and producers; all important decisions are made on equal terms but the creative impetus of the quartet allows for friction. That can only be fruitful. Especially since the result speaks for itself. No modern and pathbreaking Bossa Nova album for a long time has sounded so liberated and unfettered, and at the same time convincing and in control. And in the here and now with *Supresa* the future belongs to Hotel Bossa Nova.
Hotel Bossa Nova Supresa Video


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