Welcome Journey After School by Jasmine Sheffield (VBT Cafe Tour)

Journey After School
by Jasmine Sheffield
About The Author:

Jasmine, a loving mother and wife, is a resident of Virginia. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University where she received a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. She went on to receive her M.S. in Management Information Systems from University of Illinois Springfield.
Although she has a passion for technology, her greatest love is helping her peers with their careers and finances.
Book Genre- Self-Help

Publisher – Our Journey Publishing

ReleaseDate – 1/9/2013


Graduating from college is easy when compared to the effort of getting hired after graduation. Once hired, maintaining your professionalism and managing your finances can be challenging. Journey after School seeks
to provide guidance for new graduates. Like the syllabus provided by a professor at the beginning of a semester, Journey after School is a brief, easy read.

Excerpt 2 –

Hopefully you do not have a large amount of debt. But for many of you who were students, you may at least have student loans. Depending on the amount of debt you owe, it may seem impossible to ever see the light at the end of the tunnel, but paying off your debt can happen. A meek lifestyle may be necessary until this debt is paid. But it’s easiest to continue a meek lifestyle out of college, because you were living with less in college. You will be making corporate money, but you should maintain your college lifestyle at least until you can diminish your debt.

Not only should you aim at diminishing your debt, but you should also strive to start a nice savings account for yourself. The best nugget of advice I received on the topic of savings was: “Pay yourself first.” Your budget should account for paying yourself—and tithes to your church—prior to paying your debtors. If you can commit to at least paying yourself ten dollars per week, you will at least be saving five hundred twenty dollars per year. Most employer payroll systems allow you to set up a direct deposit into multiple accounts; you can deposit your savings directly before you are tempted to spend the money. When you make this commitment, you should not withdraw any money from this account unless it is an absolute emergency. Remember: shopping for shoes or clothes is not an emergency!

Once reality sets in and you understand how much money you will actually be bringing home, you may decide you need to cut your expenses. As a general rule, calculate a cost at least on a monthly basis. For instance, if you have a daily coffee habit that may cost you three dollars per day, if you only drink it during the week this is at least sixty dollars per month. When you think on a daily level, three dollars seems minimal, but when you think on a monthly level, sixty dollars starts to seem a bit more expensive. We all deserve our guilty pleasures, but during the meek period, some things can be curbed or at least minimized. Instead of visiting your favorite coffee shop every day, find a roast you can make at home. Then, if necessary, treat yourself to the three-dollar cup a few times a month.

Just as the cost of your favorite cup of coffee adds up, so does eating out. If you failed the cooking portion of home economics, now is the time to learn how to cook. If you missed the basics—like boiling water—recruit a friend to help you. Once you learn the basics you can scour the web for recipes. Cooking at home will help your pockets.

When cooking at home, you will have to visit the grocery store; if you aren’t careful, you could spend too much money. There are a few things you can keep in mind to avoid having a huge grocery bill: (1) never grocery shop on an empty stomach; (2) being a coupon mom is not necessary, but it will help your budget; (3) make a menu of what you will be eating and use this menu to create a grocery list; and (4) buy the store brand for the items that will not compromise your recipe.

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10 thoughts on “Welcome Journey After School by Jasmine Sheffield (VBT Cafe Tour)

  1. This would be a great gift for a recent college grad. I have one with 1 more year, and another just entering. I’ll have to keep this in mind.
    Thanks for sharing.

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