Welcome The Brazen Amazon (Alliance of the Amazons BK#3)by Sandy James (Bewitching Book Tours)

James B 017Hello Everyone! Today I am one of the host for the Bewitching Book Tours event for The Brazen Amazon(Alliance of the Amazons) by Author Sandy James!

Please check out the details below!

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The Brazen Amazon

Alliance of the Amazons

Book Three

Sandy James


ISBN: 9781426895456

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Carina Press

Date of Publication: May 6th, 2013

ASIN: B00BED2726

Number of pages: 384

Word Count:103000

Cover Artist: Kix by Design

Amazon  BN

Book Description:

Zach Hanson is a tech wizard, capable of creating and improving gadgets… including remote nuclear warhead launchers. But he’s always known that he’s destined for something more, something greater, something…supernatural.

Powerful Air Amazon Gina Himmel is one of four sisters called to protect the world from those who would do it harm. Demigods in league with an Ancient have been taking over the bodies of leaders in the military and technological sectors, and Gina is sent to San Francisco to watch over Zach.

Under Gina’s protection, Zach is introduced to a world of ancient deities, rogue gods and the bold, brazen Amazons who keep humanity safe. Amidst the whirlwind of battle, Zach and Gina discover a love that could give them the power to save the world…or destroy it.

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About the Author:                                                           

Sandy lives in a quiet suburb of Indianapolis with her husband of thirty years and is a high school social studies teacher. She and her husband own a small stable of harness racehorses and enjoy spending time at the two Indiana racetracks.

The Alliance of the Amazons urban fantasy series from Carina Press has premiered with book 1, The Reluctant Amazon, book 2, The Impetuous Amazon, and book 3, The Brazen Amazon. The series concludes with book 4, The Volatile Amazon, in September.

Look for a new contemporary romance series from Grand Central Forever Yours in 2013/2014!

Twitter ID: @sandyjamesbooks

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/sandyjamesbooks

Author website link: http://sandy-james.com

Goodreads author page:


Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/sandyjamesbooks/


This prey was tricky.

Gina Himmel waited, watching him from a distance and trying to find the perfect moment to attack. She wasn’t on the usual search and destroy mission, so she’d had to change some of her tactics. She couldn’t throw herself at this one, dropping down like some avenging angel. An everyday demon she could easily tackle, and the damn thing would be dead in no time flat.

But not this prey. No, he required a different approach.

She was disappointed that she didn’t need her sword with its beautiful rainbow of jewels decorating the hilt. A beloved gift from her goddess, Ix Chel. Lately, Gina left it at home. If the target needed to be killed, she could usually accomplish that just fine with her bare hands. Her Sentinel—the man who trained her to be an Amazon—had taught her well. Johann Herrmann was a master at martial arts. A quick twist of the neck would silently and swiftly kill most demons.

Oh, but she enjoyed it so much more when they gave her a good, sweaty fight.

If she was hunting a demigod, she’d use her crossbow and some goddess-blessed arrows. She couldn’t employ that method this time, so the bow had remained behind with her sword. She felt naked without having at least one weapon.

Just this once, the prey had to survive.

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