IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Spotlight on TeknoAXE

Hello Hello Happy Monday everyone! I just wanted to kick off a great Monday with another Music Monday Spotlight!

First, I want to speak with you about those that do many good things for others, secretly, with no other desire but to help or allow their creativity to be enjoyed. The few times I have heard of such tales in  the news or on television, I always think of literary figures such as Robin Hood, giving goodies to  the poor.

Also an example, and really I cannot remember if it came from a real television report, or a television show…but I believe it was the latter. An individual was simply going around placing coins in parking meters. The individual never asked for anything in return, was simply helping other out.

So I have come across those types of stories in the news and I am sure we have come across in our own lives, those who help others and ask nothing in return. I have seen this up close, since becoming apart of the on-line writing and publishing community. Authors, Bloggers, Artists helping one another,and supporting one another. It’s incredible!

I said all of that to say, I am spotlighting one of those individuals today. To be honest, it is not certain if this is an individual, or more than one person. So we will say it is one lone, extremely talented individual that is aiding many with his music… for nothing in return.

The person is called TeknoAXE.



Provides Royalty Free Music for your videos and projects. He doesn’t even ask for acknowledgment! He simply creates music and shares, there are even occasions that he takes a request! I find this person so interesting, that this is just part one of my coverage of this individual, and hopefully I will have a chance to speak with this creative Musician on IndieReview Behind The Scenes Radio! If anyone has information on this person please follow-up with

But I do have the TEKNOAXE Youtube site where you are able to go and upload music for your convience and a website to do the same! TEKNOAXE music was used also as the background music in my latest booktrailer for the upcoming release Chrysalis! Take a look and please check out more of TEKNOAXE music on the links below!


TeknoAXE Website

Chrysalis Book Trailer



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