IndieWritersReview”s Music Monday! Chrysalis(YA Paranormal) (Playlist)

Hello all:) Today’s Monday, so that means Music!:) Today I will share the playlist for Chrysalis my upcoming release (Summer 2013), it will be a YA Paranormal Novel.

Below are some behind the scene shots from the photoshoot with Anecdote Photography‘s Tiffany McDonald, the models are Javier Gonzalez and Jessica Becerra

I would like to give a BIG THANK-YOU to all that was involved in the creating of the new cover, which will be revealed April 29th (reveal sponsored by Virtual Book Tour Cafe and cover design by Amy Rooney with CV WritersDesigns

If you would like to join in the Cover reveal activities which will include a 1 day only Rafflecopter giveaway of a $25.00 ITunes card and a Signed paperback copy of Chrysalis once its released! Please join the event here: Chrysalis cover reveal and Giveaway!


The western Pueblo, Native American cultures located in the southwestern United States, include Hopi, Zuni, Tewa Village (on the Hopi Reservation), as part of their cultures, the Kachina religion is an important practice.

Kachinas are spirits or personifications of things in the real world. A kachina can represent anything in the natural world or cosmos, from a revered ancestor to an element, a location, a quality, a natural phenomenon, or a concept.

A form (loose interpretation) of the Kachina practice is being used in Ayda’s society. In her society, Kachina’s are created, (similar to our view of a robot, or product). The Bidaban’s Kachina’s are created for specific purposes. They are not birthed, but created by Harvesters.

Ayda is a Bidaban Kachina, designed specifically to destroy the son of the Inner realm son, Adrian


Meet Adrian Dusong, 19 years old, he is the son of the Leader of Bid’adan. He is next to lead the Divisions. A ThunderKin Warrior-( shapeshifter)- Originated from the legendary ThunderBird ; Adrian’s destiny is to protect his people and those of the Humans in his realm. But if he decides to love the dangerous Ayda, will following his heart destroy all those he loves.


Ayda & Adrian

Chrysalis 7

adrian and ayida romantic
Chrysalis Photo Shoot: (This is my favorite shot…) Ayda is up to no good and looks as if she has FINALLY done poor Adrian by orchestrating a swan dive off the nearest bridge! But Adrian holds on! (Now I will let you know the model ACTUALLY hung from the side of the bridge; and he held on through a couple of shots!!! THAT’S dedication!:)
 Chrysalis pic 1
Ayda was created and trained specifically to end the life of Adrian DuSong, son of the god of the inner realm. Ayda was told this would bring harmony back to the Divisions. Has Ayda been given the truth?
Chrysalis 3

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