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About this author

Penelope Reece, Penn for short (b. 1984), is an author living in Central Indiana with her husband of two years and her tiny pomeranian Kodi.

She graduated from Indiana University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in English. She then went on to spend nearly three years in South Korea where she taught English in a private academy. It was here that she met and married her husband in June of 2010.

They recently moved back to the States in March of 2012.

Penelope’s been writing ever since her nerdy highschool days where her joys were limited to marching band and day dreaming.

Her other joys include reading, crocheting, snuggling her little Kodi-man, and watching comedic TV shows such as Parks and the IT Crowd. She also enjoys watching Korean dramas, listening to her husband sing. As well as being hyper and annoying her husband as much as she can.

Contact: Penelope Reece website

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Alphie Brewster attends school, has friends, and a loving family. She’s even taken an interest in the hot new neighbor. It’s the normal life of your average eighteen-year-old. There’s only one problem. Alphie isn’t normal. She’s anything but. You see, Alphie’s got this problem. She’s always tired, is plagued with vivid nightmares, and can’t remember her past.

After Alphie stumbles upon a necklace that once belonged to her grandfather, and unintentionally opens a portal that sends a ghostly figure hurtling out at her from her bedroom mirror, she finds herself faced with another problem. A six foot four inch tall eccentric spook, named Noer, who fills her with fire while draining her energy as if she were a Duracell Battery.

With Noer constantly making her go all weak in the knees, Alphie wants nothing more than to be rid of both him and the necklace. Especially, since the sexy neighbor, Cary, has taken a fancy to her. And that’s not all. With both spook and Cary fighting for her attentions, Alphie starts to remember things. Things that she wished would stay buried. Then Alphie visits Noer’s home in Limbo, and things start to get even weirder.

If that all isn’t complicated enough, a vicious stranger comes looking for the necklace. And this stranger will do anything to get it. Within this chaos, will Alphie be able to come to terms with her past in order to save her family? Or will she become just another lost soul without a body

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Alphie is a high school girl who suffers from Narcolepsy, a neurological disorder that causes the sufferer  to basically fall asleep at random and inappropriate times. Alphie suffers this as well as being plagued by nightmares and having hallucinations. Alphie is bullied and harassed  at school. She has one good friend Danielle and her older sister Robyn as confidantes. Although Robyn is typically in the role of a mother hen due to their mother is always working overtime to make ends meet after their father left them six years prior.

The story follows Alphie while helping her sister get ready for a yard sale, brings out their grandfathers belongings. He was somewhat into magic and such, and had many interesting items. When working with his belongings, Alphie remembers a old locket that she had taken and hid years before from her father who she believed would pawn it. Loving her grandfather she did not wish this to happen. Now with renewed interest in the locket. Alphie begins examining it and when opening it, she lets out a being from another dimension, a place called Limbo. Not sure whether he is a demon or what type of spirit he may be, Alphie is terrified, and although she had been making progress relapses in her condition. Soon, she gets to know the “Leech” as she calls the entity, soon she finds out his name is Noer;  Noer is very hot and she is drawn to him, although she really doesn’t desire to be so.

Later Alphie discovers that there are others like Noer, where he is from, Noer calls them Negs, basically Negs are beings that steals a person bodies if that person leaves their body while sleeping in an “out of body” experience. The sleeping person may end up in the realm of Limbo and then the Neg will slip into the body and the true owner is stuck.

So Alphie discovers that there is another and soon, Alphie discovers that her life is in danger after being attack twice, plus she is drawn to the new boy next door who might not be what he seems, as she is still drawn to Noer, although she is not sure she can trust him. In all of this, Alphie discovers that she herself, might not be who she thinks she is.

I really enjoyed this story, another fresh and unique twist on the paranormal genre. I am always astounded when I read stories that are written about beings and lands that I had not seen before. I enjoyed how this was written, hip, and entertaining, laced with humor. I liked Alphie, the author did a great job, of allowing the reader to become familiar with this character, with all her flaws, and strengths. She was likable, although there were times I wish she would tell off those mean girls a little more!  LOL…But the author did an excellent job of balancing the seriousness of the illness that Alphie suffered with adding humor to the mix.

It was a steady pace, the story, and there was no time that I became bored or felt that the story dragged. I was entertained the entire time, quickly turning pages to see what came next! I was really stumped by the mystery surrounding Alphie’s and Noers origins, and I was  surprised with the ending!

I would recommend this book for 15 years and up due to the heavier subjects such as death covered.

Very good read!




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