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K&Q cover

How would YOU stop a massacre … if you were only seventeen?
If the cops didn’t believe you?
If your mom never listened?
If your friends thought it was a joke?
If the faceless nutjobs trolled your halls and somehow knew your every move before you made it?

Majesty Alistair, whose biggest aims of late have been to best Grief and keep any nearby 2x4s from colliding with her crush’s head, has to figure that out and go all Veronica Mars when she overhears two fellow students planning a church shooting. Her hammering pleas to investigate her father’s recent death and other possible crimes-in-the-works have totally killed her cred with cops, so, armed with just the bits and pieces she caught, she strives to ID the gun-toting freaks herself before they act. But when their agenda turns out to be far bigger than she ever assumed, she becomes the centerpiece in a ruthless game that casts even her closest friends under suspicion and puts her in a conundrum where winning or losing will leave blood on her hands, the blood of someone she loves

courtney vail

About this author

COURTNEY VAIL writes totally twisted YA and adult suspense. She enjoys braiding mystery, suspense & romance with some kind of weirdness. Her addictions to crazy coffee concoctions, Funny Bones, Ben & Jerry’s, and bacon keep her running and writing. She currently lives in New England with a comedian stud and a wild gang of kidlets.

Website: Author Courtney Vail

Amazon buy Kings and Queens by Courtney Vail

What’s said About Kings and Queens? Taken from Goodreads Kings and Queens Goodreads Page

Somebody in this book is making plans to do some very bad things. It falls to Majesty to try to figure out who and what.Majesty’s two best friends, Derek and Alec, prove capable and willing to help… maybe a little too capable and willing. As the plot twists and turns and clues turn up in the most unexpected places, Majesty wonders if even they can be trusted. She’s on her own. And somebody evidently wants her dead.Kings & Queens is recounted in third-person narrative with an intimacy and conversational style normally found only in first-person. Not many people could carry that off but Courtney Vail does, brilliantly. The reader’s right there in the scene with Majesty, pleading… “No. Not Alec.” And then two pages later, “No. Not Derek.” Oh no. What if it’s BOTH of them?While Vail has crafted a first-rate page-turner, her greatest strength is the ability to write living, breathing people. There are no two-dimensional cutouts here. Even the minor characters come to life… even if it’s just before they die.I love Majesty’s personality. She’s tough but at the same time vulnerable, innocent but with an edge.My favorite character is Derek. I don’t want to go into too much detail and reveal the plot but I will say Derek ranks as one of the top tortured souls of all time.

If you’re looking for a book with characters you can really care about and a plot that delivers on all its promises, look no further.

You’ve found it in Kings & Queens.

This book was weird. Not bad, just weird. I totally loved this book!!! After a few chapters, I got sucked in and literally could NOT put it down. It wasn’t what I expected, I’ll just say that. It’s very different from other YA books I’ve read, though, I admit, I’ve been lingering in the UF bin for quite awhile. But, I honestly wouldn’t even know how to categorize this because it has a little bit of everything. YA books are usually more linear, but this story took many turns I didn’t expect and was very rich in detail. I found the author’s quirky, fresh voice strange at first but more and more mesmerizing the further in I got. This fast-paced novel was complex and intricate, as well as the characters who fill it, and that took some getting used to, and the characters didn’t always act the way I thought they should, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wow!!! I’m still thinking about it. Poor Derek!!!! 😦 Seriously! How could do that???!!! How??!!!Anyway, if you like books with a lot of complexity, depth and twists and turns, and something with a new and different feel, you will love this. If you prefer simplistic, straight-forward language or hate puzzle-type reads, it might be too much book for you.My review applies to a PDF version I got for FREE from LibraryThings giveaway, but my opinion is my honest opinion and was in no way swayed by the freebie.I look forward to more novels by this author.
Awakening 2 eCOVER
Put on the kettle, close the curtains and curl up by the fire. Dive into 8 short tales, each with a slice of the paranormal.Ghost Story – Who is the shadow in the window of the abandoned house, and what or who is he waiting for?
The Awakening – It’s time for Sabrina to wake up and face the light.
End of the Line – Cassie wants to die. When midnight rolls around, she stands on the tracks waiting for the train to come.
Milsa Loris – The once magnificent kingdom of Milsa Loris comes alive one night each winter. The King’s witch is brewing up a little magic, sure to make the soup all the tastier.
The Old Vampire – Hailey spent her life dreaming of a dark prince falling in love with her. He never showed up, until now.
The Knocking – Alison’s grandfather has one eye on the next life. After all, he’s heard a lot of rapping at his door lately.
The Boy on the Beach – Kate’s grandmother warns her about the boy with the green eyes. Will she pay heed?
Snowglobes- It’s busy at Calvin’s Cabins this Christmas. Eddie and Maggie are a young couple in trouble. Not to fear, Calvin is always ready to lend a hand
emma meade
About this author
Emma Meade writes paranormal fiction.

She lives in rainy Ireland and loves all things supernatural. Stephen King’s The Stand is one of her most loved books and she’s lost count of the number of times she’s read L.J. Smith’s trilogy, The Forbidden Game.

Books, DVDS & TV show boxsets take up lots of space in her home and she collects all the Point Horror books she can get her hands on.

She is not ashamed to admit that Dirty Dancing and Twilight make her top ten movie list but wishes to point out that The Last of the Mohicans, Reality Bites, Dead Poets Society, Stand by Me and The Goonies are in there too.
Writing supernatural stories & watching marathon re-runs of Buffy are some of her favourite ways of escaping reality.

Website:Emma Meade website   Buy on Amazon: The Awakening & Other Stories by Emma Meade

What’s said About The Awakening and Other Stories? Taken from Goodreads

Review of The Awakening & Other Stories
5 starsWhat a delight! Able to peruse in one sitting, yet with themes and characters, events and situations, that will linger long in the reader’s mind as food for thought, and quite possibly, as impetus to change. Among my absolute favourites in this short story collection are “End of the Line” (no way am I not going to include as favourite a story involving death and trains); “The Knocking” (the author has a really clever understanding of those who are near the short end of life: age 70’s to 90’s, as is seen here and in “The Old Vampire,” which cut to the heart!); “Ghost Story” (heartfelt); “Snowglobes” (unforgettable); and “The Boy at the Beach,” which is desirable both for its process, and for the deep relationship between the girl and her late grandmother.What can I say? These stories are all clearly the process of deep thought, of enriched understanding of people; and of the knowledge that at any moment, life is not always what we think we see, touch, or hear.
An interesting hodgepodge of unique, supernatural stories, this book was graciously provided by the author, with no review asked of. I really enjoyed each one, all have awesome potential for added growth. Some were bone chilling scary good, others left you thinking, wanting more. Great take on everything surrounding death, from the authors view, touching on the actual reality that it leaves behind, in every aspect and life it grasps hold of. The Awakening & Other Stories by Emma Meade won’t eat up your precious reading time. So grab a cup or two of coffee or tea, because there is surely a tale that will pique your interest.
Choice by Ronda Caudill
Nila and Blake’s journey of love and challenges continue in The Choice. Nila is faced with many choices, one of which is the choice of mortality or immortality. She makes surprising new friends and discovers secrets about an old one. More is revealed to Nila about Blake’s past. Their love will be tested with the challenges they are met with and the secrets that are revealed
ronda caudill bio pic
About this author

Ronda L. Caudill grew up in the small rural town of Glade Spring, VA and married her high school sweetheart. They have been happily married for 24 years. She has two wonderful daughters. Ronda earned her Ph.D. in Education from Capella University. She is the author of Birthright (A Nobleman Novel), The Choice (A Nobleman Novel) and short story A Night at the Bishop House. Ronda is currently working on a novel with a twist on Jack the Ripper titled Forbidden Fruit.

Website: Author Ronda Caudill Buy The Choice on Amazon The Choice (Nobleman Novel)
What’s said About The Choice (A Nobleman Novel)  Taken from Goodreads
This is the second installment in the Nobleman series. The book starts with Nila as an immortal and adjusting to her new life with her Nobleman . She now has a choice to make- to remain immortal or to embrace mortal life. There are upcoming dangers that are predicted that Nila has to face in future; which totally might influence on the choice she has to make on her immortality at last. There are more revelations, more dangers, old enemies on loose to take revenge on Blake.The book is beautifully written . Its short, fast paced and the characters so well developed that you will fall in love with them and their story. It was good when the author let us into the mind of others to know more about them and the story apart from only Nila. The romance is sweet between Blake and Nila and I really liked how supportive Blake was of Nila even after everything. So fun and face paced book. Highly recommended to those who love sweet romance , immortality and action filled book
The Choice is the story of Nila and Blake, continuing from where the first left off. Nila and Blake are very much in love, very much devoted to one another and very much Immortal. The story begins with Nila at once fascinated by her Immortal state, the reader finds Nila at the opening of the story, enjoying a secret flight, before Dawn arises and prying eyes; Nila has the power of the Raven  and so, her beautiful wings bring her joy.
But, Nila is torn, the choice is before Nila and Blake, now that they have found one another, whether to go on immortal or return to being human and live out a normal life. Before truly settling on a decision, the two simply attempt to enjoy themselves, their families and friends.
All things seem to be going smoothly, although the story opens with Nila being concerned that she was spotted during her early morning flight by one of her classmates Dylan. So Nila and Blake go to school and talk with Blake, who after their conversation, Blake believes all is well, and that Dylan has seen nothing, but Nila is not so sure. Nila and Blake invite Dylan into their group of friends, as well as newcomers, Kate Ella and her boyfriend Sebastian. All things seem to be going well for the friends, they bond through get together and outings at the lake. During one outing, Nila comes across a hideous creature that seems to have Blake and herself as its focus…
Blake soon finds out that someone from his past believes he wronged them, and seeks revenge. Not too long after this, Nila is drawn into a cat and mouse game through a powerful enemy, coming to Nila in her dreams, attempting to take control of her and to use her to destroy Blake. The danger increases, and Blake and Nila with help from friends, and unlikely allies face this evil that has come to destroy them for good…
I must say that Author Ronda Caudill crafted an incredible action packed, suspenseful tale that kept me on the edge of seat! The passion between the two main characters,the devotion and true love between Nila and Blake rivals the camps of Bella and Edward (Twilight Saga) or Elena and Stephen (before their defunct status, as of THIS writing, never know what will happen next season:)….but you cannot help to be drawn in…
Ms. Caudill did a superb job of crafting characters you care about and root for, the  story was well written, flowed well, never having any awkward moments that can leave a reader  stranded or uninterested. I also became entranced with some of the secondary characters, having developed a huge book crush on Sebastian, and yes, I do want to know more about him and his background and story. Their was such a sense of loyalty between the group, and I also enjoyed the strength of Nila, I enjoy stories where there are strong female leads…
This second installation of the Nobleman series was excellent, exciting. the story was laced with magic, mystery and a mystical element…the folklore caught and held my attention…
I recommend this story for all those who enjoy paranormal romance and action packed suspense!
AND FINALLY Spring Fling Hop Giveaway!
My newest novella TOURMENTIN
Emile and Serafine loved at first sight believing in their fairytale ending. But fate and darkness from Emile’s past separate the lovers, with Emile being trapped in an alternate time, imprisoned in the 1800’s by his former lover the sultry Isadora. Isadora is convinced that she and Emile belong together and also as the old saying goes… believes if she cannot have Emile, then no one can.Time moves forward and Emile’s beloved Serafine dies, but she promises to find her true love again. Love’s promise is realized, when Serafine is reborn into the modern age and has returned to the French Quarter and to the very hotel where her Emile still remains frozen in time.

The lovers reunite, only to face an evil which vows to destroy them once and for all

What’s said About Tourmentin? Taken from Goodreads
Shelves: romancetameghosts
My Thoughts – 3 to 4 out of 5 stars – Good story, just too tame for me :)This review is tough for me because it is a beautiful story, but it just didn’t do anything for me. It was much too tame for me. It is a story where true love never dies in New Orleans thanks to Hoodoo. It has old world charm just like the French Quarter does with a handsome ghost who Melissa dreams of. It is very sweet and well written. It reminds me of my trips to New Orleans and the French Quarter. I remember hearing about the ghost stories from the trolley operator, and this reminded me of those stories. I think if you like historical type romances with a ghost twist that you would love this story

12 thoughts on “Spring Fling Hop Books! Books! and more Books! (PLUS Enter to win a KINDLE FIRE and other prizes!)

  1. Hi Michelle.
    First off thanks for including these books in your post. I am new to them and will definitely be getting them.
    And..I follow FB-Michelle Bledsoe
    Email-koonie2888 at yahoo dot com.
    I am excited to find new books for me and my daughter.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

    • Michelle Thanks so much for entering the Pamper Yourself Giveaway, I do hope you try these great reads, I believe you will enjoy! Also thanks for following/commenting,and remember to check out the other stops to and remember to also click the Rafflecopter link to also enter for the Kindle Fire, good luck!:O)

    • Thanks so much for entering the Pamper Yourself Giveaway and following and commenting! Please make sure you click the Rafflecopter giveaway link and enter to have a chance to win a Kindle Fire! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Interesting mix of books! Tourmentin sounds very good, with some historically flavored romance and an interesting setting.

    I follow the blog by email.

    • Merry thanks so much for stopping by and checking it all out! You are now entered into the Pamper Yourself Giveaway, which will be chosen by Random selection. But to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance at the Kindle Fire, please click link to enter:)

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