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tweenscribeHey guys, I just wanted to invite you all over to my new feature, Word Of Mouth, which is only on IndieReview Behind The Scene Internet Radio’s new FaceBook page!

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word of mouthWORD OF MOUTH

This is a feature that will bring you some behind the scene deets from your favorite Authors and Music Artist in Indietainment!

Updates on upcoming releases, trivia about your favorite Author/Artist, little known facts, and Fun Facts!

The intent is for you to PASS ALONG, all you have heard, so that word can get around and throw a spotlight on these talented artists!


Author Laura Deluca


Author Nikki Colligan

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Author Tara Chevrestt!

Alright guys, I’m back with more behind the scenes Indietainment news, straight from the author’s mouth. I’m bringing you the scoop on Author Tara Chevrestt. Yes, this no holds barred author, who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in; happens to also be a darned good writer.
Tara’s combines her mastering of the written word, with fiery heroines, hot male characters and intriguing plotlines to entertain readers, as well as enlightened them; when dealing with some of the tough subjects others might shy away from.
This fearlessness in her writing has landed Author Tara Chevrestt with a publishing contract in a division of one of the Big House publishers.
So Word Of Mouth has the deets on the upcoming release of Tara Chevrestt’s, which will add a spin on the reality TV phenomenon! Intrigued?
Want to know more??? Read on…

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