Taking The Plunge (Camp NaNoWriMo)

nanowrimoHello guys! I just wanted to let you know, I am taking the plunge and signed up for Camp NaNaWriMo! The camp kicked off April 01st and will run through the end of April. It is the same as the annual November event, but where the November NaNWriMo requires a committment of 50,000 words. The camp allows you to set your own goal, but once set, you’re encouraged to meet that goal!

Me? I am re-working a project, and very foolishly  I set a 50,000 goal. But really, not sure how I will fare, but I am really needing to take my time with this re-work(basically re-write) so we will see:)

taking a plungeHow about any of you guys? Taking the plunge? If so, tell us about it…LOL…its fun chatting with those in the trenches!

Want to learn more and sign up?

Heres the link for that info:)

Camp NaNoWriMo sign up

Okay guys, will keep you updated!


6 thoughts on “Taking The Plunge (Camp NaNoWriMo)

  1. Welcome to the mayhem! 😀

    I have about three rewrites I’m working on so my word count’s a paltry 20k. So far I only wrote 2600 so I have to get it into groove soon. lol

    • Thanks Emma:) I don’t know how this camp will go, I probably should have made a lower count, because my committment is more to getting the re-write correct, instead of just getting it on paper…but we will see…they’re having another camp I believe in June or July, so we will see:O)

      • I haven’t signed up for anything like that before. I’m still editing my own stuff with the aim of releasing a novella this summer. I should get a move on!

      • Maybe entering into one of the write -a -thons will help place that “positive” pressure on you to move forward…although the pressure doesnt “feel” positive right now, because I havent written as I should…but with my placing myself out here, it “forces” me to work on whichever story I need to finish…but maybe signup for a future project, or for the big one in November! It really is fun:O)

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