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As promised yesterday, here is a sneak peek at the new novella from Cp Bialois. I am sure you are all going to love it, so watch this space, and the links below for more information about the Novella, and Cp’s other works.


He never broke stride through the muddied road as he made his way to the gate and roused the grumpy old man from his alcove once more. At first the gatekeeper regarded him with fury in his eyes, but after thinking better of a confrontation, the middle-aged man hobbled to the large metallic bar that locked the gate.

“I never seen one to sit still less’n ya. Yer business done, I take it.” The gatekeeper grunted as he pushed at the heavy steel bar to the left of the gate. Reinhart thought about helping him, but decided against such an action. The man still had his…

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