IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! “HerStory Inspired” Plalylist-Top Ten Strong Women songs!”

HerStory coverHello everyone! I am doing something a little different today. The HerStory Anthology which released March 08th inspired me. So I was in search of songs that I believed reflected the strength of the women in the stories, that make up HerStory.

First let me say…

I love music, I believe it a form of storytelling; it transmits passion, love,and also it encourages and inspires. I believe music transcends boundaries of  Race, Gender and Age.
Music is fundamental, it seeps into your bones, tissue and blood, helps you to see the world clearer, well at least in my humble opinion.
So as it inspires, It can be inspired…there is no separation from the storyteller and his/her words and the musician, I believe both need the other, feeds the other, and aides the other.
So the HerStory Anthology , which is a collection of stories that was inspired by the strength of women in history. This was  a theme that I have also viewed in music.
Below are songs which also carry the theme of empowering and celebrating women…
I found this list on-line compiled by Yahoo contributor, Kathy Heydasch and felt it was perfect!
Strong and Beautiful Music below
10)Video by India Arie
9) Billie Holiday T’aint nobody’s business if I do

8) So Beautiful” by Superchick
7)Nothing in Between” by Meredith Brooks.
6)So What” by Pink.
5)Independent Woman” by Destiny’s Child
4)Survivor” by Destiny’s Child.
3) Strong Enough” by Cher
2))”I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.
1))”I am Woman” by Helen Reddy.

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