IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-week Mix!

tweenscribeHello Everyone! Welcome to the Mid-Week Mix!

I am Michelle Cornwell-Jordan your host and today I will bring you some of the hottest Indie Music out there!

So, sit back and enjoy!

IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-Week Mix!

Music Today!

mackenzieporter coveryung damonAoede skeleton of the muses

To Contact: If you have Community News: Author, Musician and you’re going on tour, new release etc… send news to and we will throw a spotlight on the event.(FREE:o) I always like to throw that in there, because that’s what catches my attention:)

To Contact for Advertising: To inquire regarding our very reasonable (i.e. CHEAP) promo spots!;) So if you are a business and would like to advertise your services or wares…follow up at indiereviewradio for quotes!

To Contact: Just to chat:) Follow up at

Here is the IndieReview Behind The Scenes page at IndieWritersReview!

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