IndieReview Behind The Scenes Marketing 101w/ Sybil Nelson

Hello Everyone! I am Michelle Cornwell-Jordan,one of your hosts and Jamie B Musings is my co-host.

We are both so excited to have Author Sybil Nelson come on board IndieReview Behind The Scenes to offer Marketing advice for Self Publishers.

IndieReview Behind The Scenes’s Marketing 101 with Author Sybil Nelson, will offer techniques, tips and ideas on how to get your beloved creation into the hands of readers!

Marketing 101 w/ Author Sybil Nelson

Sybil nelsonpriscilla the great

Author Sybil Nelson

Sybil Nelson is a wife, a mother of two and a full-time Ph.D. student at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Sybil loves speaking to children and young adults, sharing her inspirational personal story of how she went from poverty to a PhD.

She is also the author of the award winning Priscilla The Great series, and other titles under her pseudonym Leslie DuBois. Also Ms. Nelson maintains a blog called Ready.Set.Sell….(366 Time (and Money) Saving Tips for Marketing Your Book)


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