IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday (Celebration Of Life)

Hello everyone, I am a little sad today, due to the passing of our Family Pet Cinnamon Sherise she would have been 13years old on April 10th. (She passed this morning)

I have one daughter, (14years old)  and Cinnamon was brought into the home when she was two years old. This is a sad time…But I wanted to take a moment to celebrate Cinnamon’s life…

She loved to dance with us, and Cinnamon loved music… So…lets have a good time ya’ll for Cinny:)


We Love You Cinny!




6 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday (Celebration Of Life)

  1. Aw so sorry for your loss, our furabies mean the world to us and it’s heartbreaking when they pass. She had a lovely name so suitable for a sweet dog, and I’m sure she knew how much she was loved and you gave her a great life. RIP Cinnamon.

    • Thank-you so very much, I appreciate that and we still miss her, I didnt realize how much we would, and how such a small dog could have such a large impact…Thanks so much for sharing her memory:)

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