Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Tourmentin by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I am participating in my own cover reveal:O) LOl…I am revealing the cover and excerpt to my set to release on March 09th 2013, new New Adult Gothic Romantic novellette, Tourmentin!

Please check out deets below:)


To the fantabulous  authors who are helping me out with this reveal as well, by hosting me on their blogs!!!

Raine Thomas  Ronda Caudill Marilyn Almodovar

and Special Thanks to the wonderful Authors (Editors) Jamie White (Jamie B Musings) and CP Bialois for having the patience to go through my very rough draft to make it readable and something hopefully you will enjoy:)


(A Gothic Love Story)


(New Adult) 18+

By Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

The cover was created by the amazing NextArtist Media Service



Emil and Serafine loved at first sight; after marrying they believed in their fairytale ending. But fate and darkness from Emil’s past separate the lovers, with Emil being trapped in an alternate time, imprisoned in the 1800’s by his former lover the sultry Isadora. Isadora is convinced that she and Emile belong together and also as the old saying goes… believes if she cannot have Emil, then no one can.

Time moves forward and Emil’s beloved Serafine dies, but she promises to find her true love again. Love’s promise is realized, when Serafine is reborn into the modern age and has returned to the French Quarter and to the very hotel where her Emile still remains frozen in time. The lovers reunite, only to face an evil which vows to destroy them once and for all.

Set to release March 09th 2013!





He was awake, he couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t been conscious it seemed for days, years, maybe hundreds of years. He stretched. He appeared to be in his study, his library, this time. He never knew when the black sleep taking away his consciousness would come.

When it leaves, he never knew where he will be­— in the bedroom, in the stables, in the kitchen, now in his study, but always in the house. He had been trapped here, neither alive nor dead, for years since that fateful night he found Isadora Sepion in his room. He remembered the grief he felt after pulling his parents charred bodies from the ashes of a fire that no one really knew how it began, although he had his suspicions slithering in his mind at the time.

His doubt became stronger when he entered his bedroom, fresh from his shower, ready to take to bed and allow the blackness of sleep to over take him and wipe out the stench of death and the memories of soulless eyes. He had wanted his dear Serafine here, to hold close and feel her comforting embrace. The need for comfort was so strong within him, he could have wept. His desire warred with black suspicions and despair.

So when he saw her, Isadora, the one who had taught him the pleasures of the flesh, he wanted her, but only for a moment. Where Serafine was sweetness and honey, Isadora was bittersweet, overwhelming spice. His mind was mixed up and confused, but he quickly dismissed that dark thought.  He had not learned the art of giving, tenderness until Serafine.

Serafine… the thought of her, like bright and glorious sunshine, had wiped the haze from his eyes. Emile realized that Isadora must have known this, because as soon as he said the words— “Get out”— she had risen off the bed where she sat. Standing straight, she watched him with dark eyes…instead of looking vulnerable; she appeared like some pagan goddess and simply said,

“You are mine for eternity.”  Her words had thrown him long enough for him not to see the knife she held arched above her head. She brought it down cleanly, slicing his arm. Screaming from the pain, shards of what felt like knives pierced his skull and caused Emile’s knees to buckle, sending him to the floor. The last thing he saw was Isadora’s black eyes peering at him. The last conscious thought he had was of Serafine… his beloved Serafine… He then saw her face, and felt the words, “Emile, I will find you” and then the blackness took him. That was the original night.



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