IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday spotlight on the Rock band….Red Abbey!

Hello guys, its Monday so that means music and today I wanted to shine the spotlight on the Rock band Red Abbey!

Check it all out below:)

red abbey

Originally a duo from NYC Red Abbey is known for their unique image and tunes. Comprised of band members Trey Ordaz and Thien-nga also known as “T” the duo has expanded their style over the last two years- adding a band and branding their blues/funk/rock sound on both coasts- NYC and Vegas.

Red Abbey is known for their striking stage presence, filled with high energy and with such a unique sound of guitar and violin that keeps people thinking what will they come up with next. Last year the band came out with a bang when they released their debut album On My Way in December of 2009- showing audiences and fans a different side to blues/rock.

They just released their first full-length album Bulldozer with producer Kent Hertz; some of Hertz’s previous projects include Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Missy Elliot to name a few.  Red Abbey will be doing a US tour Summer of 11’, with show dates soon to come. With comparisons to Led Zeppelin meets The Pretenders you want to keep an eye out for this group; they are definitely on the rise to something great.

CONTACT: Red Abbey website

Twitter: @RedAbbeyBand


Bulldozer red abbey album

Purchase Bulldozer on Itunes



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