IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday spotlight… Country Artist Carolyn Mescher!

Happy Monday all! It’s Music Monday and today I am bringing you the spotlight of a fantabulous artist Carolyn Mescher! I’m also excited because Jamie B Musings my IndieReview Behind The Scenes co-host, and myself… will have a chance to speak with Ms. Mescher this upcoming Saturday Feb. 02nd at 11 A.M. Central Standard Time!

So check out the deets below ya’ll!:O)


Carolyn Mescher was born and raised in Camarillo, California, about an hour outside of Los Angeles. Being an active member of 4-H, raising steers and riding horses, being the President of the Young Cattlemen’s Association of Ventura County, and growing up singing in the barn, Carolyn is definitely not what most think of when they hear of a Southern Californian. That’s what she grew up with though and it’s what gives her a unique sound of rocking country and her tough and independent attitude. 

Carolyn’s songwriting began around 8 years old singing as she fed the animals and making up words as she went. “Some songs I would remember day after day. Others were just there for the moment, but no matter how long they remained in my memory, they were always filled with the emotion of that moment, happy or sad.” In junior high, Carolyn started performing in school musicals and as a sophomore in high school, starred as Sandy in Grease. 

With a music scholarship, Carolyn started college at California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo, but soon discovered her musical passions didn’t lie in opera. She graduated a business – accounting major, took her CPA exams, and moved to Nashville. As she recalls, “Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a singer. The rational side of me took over for a couple years, but that desire never faded. Now, it’s more real than ever and my reasons are no longer all about me. I want to be an inspiration for women, from age 8 to 80, to be independent, strong, and tough.” 

That desire sums up Carolyn’s music perfectly, a mix of attitude and love, toughness and independence. This girl is running full speed into her future as a country artist. Keep an ear out for Carolyn Mescher!

Contact: Carolyn Mescher’s website

all i need to see single



Check out Carolyn Mescher’s YouTube Channel!

Video by Carolyn Mescher

Original Music by Carolyn Mescher

So guys what do you think about these great songs? Come and let me me know and we can chat about it:)


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