Chrysalis (Set To release Summer 2013) Photo shoot Behind The Scene peek w/ Photo gallery

Hello Everyone:) I wanted to share some of the behind the scene deets of the Chrysalis photo shoot that took place on this past Saturday Jan. 19th. I worked the wonderful Tiffany McDonald from Anecdote Photography on this project…Anecdote Photography website

Chrysalis models were Jessica Becerra and Javier Gonzalez



Created by the awesome, fantabulous Devan Evans at Nimbi Designs

Chrysallis_final As you know Chysalis has an incredible cover already that was created by Devan Evans at Nimbi Designs! I love this cover and yes, it is incredible and will continue using. The photos taken at the shoot…will also be made into a live action cover, but used for Special Editions:)

NaNoWrIMo melt down( I need help…let’s make a cover!)

Okay, the reason I needed a live action cover when I already had a cool one was due to my melt down with NanoWriMo! Chrysalis was my writing project and although I wrote and completed the challenge, even at the end of 50,000 words, I still did not feel as if “I Knew” or even “Liked” my main character! I know scandalous and unacceptable! So what I found, and this normally varies from writer to writer, I begin with the characters, and a loose structural idea of the story line…but the characters are what make it for me…and I just did not have a good grip on Ayida….

What I found in the past, from previous shoots is that I actually become closer to my characters, they become “realer” (is that a word?) to me when I see the models tell the story. If and when I am able to do a photo shoot, I prefer to do so,(WHEN POSSIBLE) instead of stock photo…now this is just a personal preference, and let’s be honest it’s more a luxury at this point than a necessity…but I find I connect more. I enjoy picking out the models who as close as I can get, represent my characters. So when we’re at the shoot, the photographer asks what are “we trying to say here, what’s the story”? Then from there, she and the models(who I also see as actors) bring the story to life…so from there, I can see it played before my eyes, I can tweak here and there…ask for this emotion, that emotion and well…there you have it, the story takes on new depth.

So by the time I do a photo shoot, the first draft of my story is done…then afterwards I go back and I “rework” it with the new insight….now, I will not say I will never use photostock, of course not! Because shoots are all based on budget, time and well finding the “right models/actors”…and if I cannot I will use stock photography just as happily, but like I said its a personal preference I enjoy, being out there with the “live models” seeing it acted out before me…it’s a thrill!



Myself, Tiffany the photography and the models made it to the location which was the beautiful Trinity River Park here in Texas…The shoot was to begin at 2:30pm CST. We all had grand ideas of arriving early to prepare…well that was thrown out the window, when we all were stuck in Stockyard traffic! Now, those of you not familiar with Texas may not know what this is, well…set in the historic district…


Stockyards is the history book of the livestock industry in Texas. Each chapter is represented by the original bricks and mortar, the wood corrals, the men, and the music that are all still a part of the Stockyards today.

So this was the traffic we all were stuck in, people from all over come to the celebrations held in January, which Jan. 19th the Stockyards opened for business in 1890, so the celebrations include the food, music, and also the Stockyards Championship Rodeo

So no to answer the question that might have rung in your mind…none of this crossed my mind when planning the shoot!;)

But we persevered and we all arrived, right at 2:30pm cst. Ready to get started!

“Say Cheese!”

jessica and javier

Models Jessica Becerra and Javier Gonzalez were awesome and very good sports!

It was a little cold actually, but Jessica was a great sport with wearing a summer dress(one of the outfit changes) in the middle of winter! Javier was such a cool guy, when one of the actions included Jessica pretending to push him off the train tracks!

122 These are really bad shots taken with my phone…but Javier is hanging off the side of the tracks, which he had to do for several shots!

Also, everyone that came were real troopers, especially when we had to trail across the train tracks, that were planks, with open ground below, and our fearless Photographer Tiffany and Model Jessica in high heel…”kick ’em dead” boots had to walk in while crossing not only the tracks but a narrow bridge which was only a narrow wooden plank…but hey, anything to get the shot!


Overall we got some fabulous shots! There were many other fun moments as well, tourist riding by on one of the small trains that take passengers through the park, shouted congrats to the models during one of the shots, thinking that this was an engagement photo, but as the train came back around, the crowd witnessed the models acting out a scene from the book, when the main Ayida is attempting to kill the male main character Adrian by choking! The looks were priceless!:)

Overall fun times:O)

That’s a wrap!

Okay guys below are some other behind the scene shots! Remember these are NOT official photographs, just some taken with my phone:)

Thanks for hanging out with us…

Pictures Behind The Scenes!

chrysalis pic shoot

chrysalis photo shoot 2










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