IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-week Mix!

tweenscribe Hello everyone Happy Wednesday! So if it’s Wednesday that means the Mid-week Mix over at IndieReview Behind The Scenes internet radio! I hope you go and check out my show today as I bring you some of the hottest Indie Music out there!

Come join the fun! IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-week Mix w/ Michelle!

Some of the Music Featured Today!

Straight to the top2Hippie Sabatoge VacantsSandy Hook  Somewhere Over the Rainbow (feat. Ingrid Michaelson)

Also guys you have a Behind The Scenes pass to more great shows!

IndieReview Behind The Scenes UPCOMING ACCESS PASS to:

Wednesdays (Weekly) at IndieReview Behind The Scenes- Mid-Week Mix w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan “Sharing the hottest music in INDIEtainment!”

On Thursday (Bi-weekly) Author CP Bialois and The Writing Corner “Bring you tips & Techniques to help make your writing shine!”

On Fridays (Bi-weekly) Author Jamie B Musings and Culture Shock! “Going Behind The Scenes of INDIEtainment and news!”

Back in February will be Author Sybil Nelson (Bi-weekly) on Tuesday with Marketing 101!

Have a Good Day everyone, because you deserve it!;O)


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