Welcome Children’s Book Tour and Giveaway with Author Rebecca Graf (VBTCafe Tour)

Hello everyone I am please to be apart of the Children’s Book Tour and Giveaway with Author Rebecca Graf (VBTCafe Tour!) I will first share details about this talented author and her awesome books, then I will share a review:)

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We are pleased to welcome back Author Rebecca Graf!

The Nightingale in the Garden
A Gift for a Mouse

Rebecca Graf

Rebecca Graf lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. She has written religious children stories, A Gift for a Mouse and The Nightingale in the Garden, as well as a novel, Deep Connections. She spends her days maintaining her websites, publishing books with her small publishing company she has partnered with a friend to start (Silver Tongue Press), and writing stories. Being trained as an accountant where creativity could land you in jail, she turned her creative spirit to writing or crocheting when the more hands on need calls to her. You can find Rebecca all over the internet. She writes regularly for Hub Pages and other sites. You can read her authors blog atwww.rebeccagraf.com. Or you can follow tons of activity at A Book Lover’s Library (www.abookloverslibrary.com) where she helps other authors spread the word about their works. The News in Books (www.thenewsinbooks.com) is another venture with a friend that pulls together announcements in the book world and shares them with followers. You’ll never find this woman not being busy.

Giveaway:(5) Signed paperbacks US/Canada & (5) Ebooks Int’l.
A gift for a mouse
Genre: Childrens Publisher: CreateSpace Released:November 3, 2012 Illustrator:Reinhart Scherbarth Sr. Amazon A Gift for a Mouse blurb: What if you could see things with a whole new set of eyes? What if you could do that with The Last Supper? Follow the adventures of a little mouse who is present at the famous meal and witnesses everything that happens. He has no idea who the people are or the significance of their actions and words. All he knows is what he sees and what he experiences.

Excerpt: A Gift For A Mouse
“Oh, it is hard to describe,” he replied. “At times, his laughter would fill my entire heart. At other times, his sorrow would break it. He was a man with deep emotions. I have never again encountered such intense emotions. I loved to see a twinkle in his eye as he told a joke that made everyone laugh. “His friends were a mixed bunch. Listening to them talk, you could tell they were from various areas of the kingdom. From what I heard, a few were fishermen and others used to work for the government. It seemed all of them gave up their jobs just to hang out with this one man. I thought that was a little strange, but what was I to say about these creatures? I was there for the food
Nightingale rebecca graf
Genre: Childrens Publisher: Silver Tongue Press Release Date: December 13, 2012 The Nightingale in the Garden blurb: Continue the tale from A Gift for a Mouse when Thomas sneaks to the Garden of Gethsemane to find out the rest of the story. He learns from the very bird that witnesses the strangest events that fateful night. He finds out how the man his grandfather had met really was betrayed and taken to be killed. The story was more than a story. It was a life changing experience for a small bird.

Excerpt from A Nightingale in the Garden:
“Whenever he prayed, it was like nothing you had ever heard. Many think that our music is beautiful, but his words surpassed them all. It was not that he spoke fancy words like you hear others do. It was more as if he was speaking to someone dear to him and every word was sincere and true. There was no pretending. It was so real.
“But that night, his words were different. They were still beautiful, but they were so full of sadness. He kept saying that if things could be done differently, please let it be so. He was asking if whatever was about to happen could be avoided if at all possible. But you just knew listening to him that he knew it would happen anyway.
Rebecca-Graf-Long banner
Rebecca Graf’s two books in the Redemption Tales series were wonderful.
In a Gift For A Mouse: This story follows a young mouse called Thomas, who not being able to sleep, ask his Grandfather to tell him a story from when he was younger. The Grandfather tells him the tale of when he was younger, not much older than Thomas is. His Grandfather tells him that one day, he was staying close to the dinner that was happening in his home, to gather crumbs. The twelve men who visited frequently were having a dinner. They normally have dinners, but this one seemed different, more in line with traditions in their religion. Thomas Grandfather tells how the leader began speaking and saying that someone there with them would betray him. There was an outburst, everyone denying what the leader stated. But he stopped their words and continued, explaining events that would take place, and why these events needed to happen. Also, the leader, served the wine and bread, stating in which ways, when the others have this special dinner again, how they were to remember him. Thomas listened to the continued tale of the leader and those he loved and that special night, which changed not only his Grandfather, but everyone forever.
The Nightingale in the Garden
This second book in the series follows the little mouse Thomas once again as he, still very interested in his Grandfather’s stories and the special leader he spoke of , he wanted to know more of what happened to Him, one special night in a nearby garden. So Thomas sneaks out to locate a witness to the events, when his Grandfather explains, that he did not know all that happened, having left early, but that a Nightingale had witnessed the scenes in entirety. So Thomas goes in search of the Grandfather Nightingale who heard of this leader, and Thomas slips out of the gate, and heads to the gardens nearby. There he does find the Nightingale, who explains the details of the night that the leader, with several followers came to the gardens to pray, and that he prayed so hard that there was droplets of blood like sweat on his forehead. That the leader seemed heavy-hearted but prayed and committed to do what He came to do. Then the Nightingale tells how soldiers came, and the man was betrayed and taken away…but that there was much more to the story…
These stories from Rebecca Graf, are lovely, delicate retellings of the beautiful stories from the bible…Little Thomas is an adorable, inquisitive little mouse that has a desire to learn about a leader and a love that has no boundaries. I believe Ms. Graf, tells the story in an entertaining, clear way that grab and keep young readers attention. These are wonderful stories that look to be the start of a fantastic series that would be an awesome addition to the family bookshelf!

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