When Silver Moons Rise by KaSonndra Leigh (Release Day Blitz!)

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! I am so excited because today I am apart of Author Kasonndra Leigh’s release day blitz for her newest title When Silver Moons Rise! The second book in the  (Lost Immortals series).

So please check out this great author and book details below! Also I will share my own review of When Silver Moons Rise so Happy reading!;0)

Title: When Silver Moons Rise (The Lost Immortals Book Two)

Author: KaSonndra Leigh

Release Day: January 20, 2013

when silver moons rise cover

Book Description:


Facing an unstable future, Chela Prizeon leaves Castle Hayne and crosses over to enemy territory in pursuit of Faris–the boy of royal blood who is cursed by a bitter rival. But soon Chela learns that he has been taken deep into the treacherous frozen prisons–a majestic, but deadly place where people enter and are never seen again. To find the boy she loves, Chela must join forces with one of her greatest enemies. And even though she pulls strength from the good in her powers, she finds herself drawn to the dark side’s temptation as well.

Narrated from both Chela’s and Faris’s point of view, this enchanting sequel to When Copper Suns Fall will take them on a voyage into unknown lands, where the dark, twisted, and revengeful wait to make this their most dangerous journey ever.

Please Note: This book contains mature content including profanity and sexual situations/language. It is intended for a Mature Young/New Adult audience at 17+ years of age.

When Copper Suns Fall (Lost Immortals Book One) when copper suns fall

An Amazon Bestseller in Fantasy and Magic

It has been fifty-five years since the angels of the Apocalyptic War attempted to wipe out humanity. Now a new nation has been built where alchemy is forbidden, and angels fear for their lives as they hide among the mortals.

The city’s leaders share one view on the ancestors of angels: shoot first, no questions.

When her twin brother falls into a strange coma, sixteen-year-old Chela Prizeon vows to discover her role among these exiles, the royal angels known as the Lost Immortals.

Chela’s only hope lies with the mysterious, but infuriating leader of a rebel group. But can she trust this boy, someone who can control her dreams and her heart.

Escape into a world filled with celestial creatures, fascinating villainy, high-stake choices, and forbidden romance.

kassondra leigh

Author Bio: 

KaSonndra Leigh was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She now lives in the City of Alchemy and Medicine, North Carolina. She likes to write about people of all ages doing fantastical things in magical worlds.
She loves to play CLUE, Monopoly (the Indiana Jones version), and Pandora’s Box (good writer’s block therapy). She lives in an L-shaped house with a garden dedicated to her grandmother. It has a secret library complete with fairies, Venetian plastered walls, and a desk made out of clear blue glass.


Official Author Website: http://www.kasonndraleigh.com

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Amazon’s KaSonndra Leigh Author Page

The Lost Immortals Facebook Fan Page

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5137209.KaSonndra_Leigh

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kasonndraleigh

Blog: http://www.kasonndraleigh.com

Buy Links for The Lost Immortals Books One and Two 

When Copper Suns Fall on Amazon (Book One)

When Silver Moons Rise on Amazon (Book Two)

When Copper Suns Fall on B&Noble  (Book One)

When Silver Moons Rise on B&Noble  (Book Two)

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/103612

Also contact http://facebook.com/kasonndraleighbooks


When Silver Moons Rise Excerpt (The Lost Immortals #2)

By KaSonndra Leigh


The shackles tightened on my wrists and ankles, digging deep in my flesh. Dark magic eased its way through to my skin. I sucked my breath and held it, waiting for the fiery feeling to pass. Curse it. I could hardly move, let alone think. A small band of light eased in through the windows above me, giving the metal chamber a touch of softness.

“I ask you again, Faris Toulan. Is this girl worth your life? Your immortality? Or what’s left of it anyway,” Olivia hissed into my ear, a sneer on her face. I stayed silent, refusing to give in. She grasped my chin and forced me to look at her face.

I glanced deep in her empty eyes, and said: “Yes. Chela is everything to me. She’s all that you could never be. Your tricks can’t remove what I feel for her.”

Dark eyes glared at me. Her harsh laugh ripped through my soul. The kindness she showed me earlier disappeared at once. I didn’t care. All I hoped for, all I ached for was a chance to see Chela again. I promised to return as the protector she needed me to be. I refused to go back as the thing she was cursed to destroy.  That would only hurt her more than I had already done. I intended to keep my word.

“I do hope you understand what you’ve agreed to do,” Olivia said in a low, but deadly voice, her breath on my ear, her cold fingers stroking my face.  “By the time I’m done with you, there won’t be any other name you’ll call except mine. Because that’s how long you’ll beg for mercy.”

She moved closer to my face and kissed my lips. I wanted to gag. Inside, I was already screaming. But her torture, or whatever she planned for me, was nothing compared to facing a life without Chela. By thinking of her face, her laugh, even the way she sometimes annoyed me, I could handle anything Olivia did.

Hell most definitely existed. I was about to experience it in full force.

And then I heard Chela call my name…


In my dream, I felt his suffering as if it were my own. Every burn, each tingle, the agonizing way he screamed from inside that awful dark chamber. Lying in my bed, I thought of the kiss we shared the last time I saw him. My eyes flew open as I grasped at the air around me, reaching for him, but finding emptiness instead. And then the tears fell, and kept falling.

My mind was shutting down one cell at a time. Even breathing took effort. It was as if my lungs were a balloon, and his breath was magical helium; something that only the luckiest girl could find…and lose.

“Faris.” I called his name out loud, hoping with all my faith that he heard me. Was it possible for us to connect even with so much distance between us?  I had to try. If he can hear me, then our link will pull him through whatever they were doing to him.

I can’t just sit around and wait to hear news about his death. I had to do something.

“Chela. Can I come in?” My best friend, Alexa, stood in the doorway to my room. I didn’t even hear her open it. She walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down. Her kind eyes filled me with warmth after so many cold nightmares had left me shivering.

“Baby, you’ve been in this room almost a week. Jalen and I miss you. Come back to us.” She stroked my hair and laced her fingers with mine. Those small gestures were just enough to make me sit up and bury my face in her shoulders. “You got snot on my school uniform. Well, at least that’s a start.” I pulled back, glancing at Alexa’s face as she studied her shirt. Looking up at me, she wrinkled her nose.

“Eew, gross,” we both said at the same time. And then we both burst out laughing, covering our mouths as we giggled. She was right. Smiling was a good start. And then I heard a boy’s voice speak in my mind.

“Chela, I heard you. By the lights, I heard you,” Faris said.


I have been waiting for the second book in the Lost Immortals series, and after reading When Silver Moons Rise, I was not disappointed! I was glad to see Faris and Chela again, and this time they face an even more terrifying evil. Faris leaving, vowing to return to Chela, believes he must leave in order to find away to rid himself of the monster within himself…His travels takes him far away to a land of ice, and there he asks the favor of a past associate who is a long ago scorned  former girl, his family was arranging for him  to marry. But when Faris chooses to leave 20 plus years ago, instead of marrying Olivia, he created a true enemy in the present time. Faris is imprisoned and is tortured relentlessly. One day, Chela is mentally connected to Faris and experiences the pains that he is enduring, and after her brother Jalen breaks the connection, Chela vows to go in search of Faris. After asking an unlikely ally, Chela and companions, begin the journey that stretches them physically and mentally….leaving Chela uncertain at times…whether she will see her beloved again…

This second installment in Kasonndra Leigh’s Lost Immortal series is fast paced, and action packed. I fell in love all over again with Faris and Chela and their devotion to one another. Their passion for one another is almost palpable, and Ms. Leigh’s clear, concise well written story draws the reader firmly into the world that she created.

I consider this a read that you must check out for yourself!


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