IndieReview Behind The Scenes interview with Author Michelle Brooks and Behind The Scenes Mentions! (Music Artists Aoede/X-Phaze)

Hello everyone! I just wanted to quickly invite you to go and check out IndieReview Behind The Scenes today as Jamie B Musings and myself speak with Author Michelle Brooks of Bone Dressing and Bone Dressing:The Dreaming!

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A MICHELLE BAbout Michelle Brooks

Author, adventurer, world traveler, habanero lover, kissing enthusiast. Bone Dressing is my Dark MatureYA Paranormal Romance series of seven novels in eBook and paperback.

Contact: Michelle Brooks Website

Bone Dressing Series

bone dressingbone dressing the dreaming






Behind The Scenes mentions!

aoede photo Aoede skeleton of the muses


Lauded and award-winning singer/songwriter, Lisa Sniderman, aka: Aoede
(pronounced A-E-D), released her third full-length album and overall fifth

2012 Aoede received 5 music-related awards and 3 Children’s Awards, released 2 albums, premiered a music video, was nominated for 2 music awards for 2013, performed for CureJM Jam and Festival in OR (for kids afflicted with Dermatomyositis (DM). and was considered for the Grammy Awards…


Hunter Ally (Guest speaker Aoede) WON Best Folk-Acoustic Artist and Album of the Year in Feb 2012!) 2013 Aoede Made the TOP 5 NOMINEES! To support Aoede in the 2013 Artists in Music Awards!!

Vote for the best Singer / Songwriter Aoede!

AND   Vote for the best Folk / Acoustic Artist “Aoede


FINALLY …. It’s finally here! The official music video for brand new single, Hooligan, now out on  iTunes & YouTube!

X-Phaze Morristown-2


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