IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-Week Mix!


Hello Everyone! It’s Wednesday, so that means the Mid-Week Mix at IndieReview Behind The Scenes radio, where I play some of the hottes Indie Music out there in INDIEtainment!:)

Today also I want to shine the spot light on the young man who was recently on the show, the Hip Hop artist X-Phaze. Jan. 18th X-Phaze will release his newest single and video, “Hooligan!”

 Jan. 05th IndieReview Behind The Scenes segment with X-Phaze was a featured spot on BlogTalk! This is the third featured IndieReview Behind The Scenes segment, and we wish to give a HUGE thanks to Blogtalk! So make sure you check out this young artist and join the other 11,155 listeners who also checked out the show!:O)

Below is a special treat for you guys the Hooligan Teaser trailer, so make sure you check it out!:)

Also make sure you check out today’s show and make sure you do check out

IndieReview Behind The Scenes Mid-Week Mix! Today!

Thursday Jan. 17th Author’s CP Bialois’s The Writing Corner

Friday Jan.18th Jamie B Musings and Culture Shock bringing you INDIEtainment news!


Here is some of the music shared today!

Hip Hop. Country. Rock. All Different. All Indie.

Something for Everyone!



never overx-phaze backskeleton of the musetrel mack inspired by greatnessyung damoncarolynmescher



Now check out X-Phaze’s Hooligan Teaser Trailer!

hooligan cover

Release Jan. 18th


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