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Hello Everyone!:) Today I am hosting Night Secrets by BK Walker! So let’s jump in…below is a few deets on this great book and my review:O)

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***Quick note: Although this book has teens as main characters and a high school setting, it is for 18 years of age and older…due to a couple of scenes meant for mature readers***

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bk walker

Night Secrets

by BK Walker

Jack of all trades, master of none. BK Walker is first and foremost a mother and a wife. With three beautiful children and a wonderful husband, she enjoys her days living on their farm in Eastern Pennsylvania.

When she’s not writing, she manages her time organizing virtual book tours for other authors, coaching marketing strategies and helping her husband as a consultant in their jointly owned business. Putting most of her time into research, BK is always seeking for the most effective ways to market and promote books and business alike. Art is a secondary love, and you may often find her sketches popping up on one of her blogs, or simply catch her reading the magic created in the pages of a great novel. Who knows, it just may be yours.

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Genre: Paranormal Romance (Intended for 18+)
Publisher: Amazon Kindle
Release Date: July 2, 2011

Vampire twins – one wants to love you, the other wants your blood. A Werewolf – vows to protect you. Magic – stirs within you.

Imagine if Maggie Steifvater, Stephanie Meyer, and Laurell K. Hamilton sat down together to write a fast paced, steamy, paranormal romance full of thrilling twists and turns, featuring thirsty vampires and sexy werewolves.

That’s Night Secrets, a suspenseful paranormal romance written by B.K. Walker, author of Dares And Dreams and Death Upon Me.

After Keira Crosby spends months mourning her parents’ death, Jared, her best friend, is determined to get her out and moving on with her life. Night Secrets, a new club in town, has a grand opening bringing with it dark secrets of the night and magic within Keira she never knew she had.

For Corbin, Keira ignites his passion. For Dante’, she ignites his thirst. It’s up to Channing and his pack to keep her alive from the supernatural beings he hates most…Vampires. As the secrets of the night and Keira’s heritage unfolds, her world is turned inside out. Who will be the last one standing?

Night Secrets is a fast-paced, page turning paranormal romance with the perfect supernatural mix that you can’t stop reading and will leave you aching for more.

MY Review

 Night Secrets tells the story of Keira, who seems to have everything. She is living the high school life, good friends and the most important thing on her mind was the jeep she loved and her favorite band. But all that changed with the sudden and tragic death of her parents in an airplane crash.

Night Secrets shows how Keira is told of her parents death, her heartbreaking mourning, and then her subsequent recovery where she decides to face the world. But unknown to her, the world she is now preparing to face again, will change very soon. On Keira’s first night out, she attends a local club, where she sees the extremely beautiful boy who is new in her class.She noticed him the same day she was told about her parents. Seeing him again, Keira was instantly drawn to him. That same night Keira learns of another club….Night Secrets which she makes plan to check out because her  favorite band, Shot In The Dark… will play its opening.

Keira attends the opening and there she sees the mysterious boy AGAIN, who she finds out is Channing; and she also meets Corbin the equally mysterious Night Secrets owner. That same night after saying good-bye to her favorite band and her favorite member, Buddha, Keira hurriedly leaves Night Secrets, feeling as if someone is watching her. Several times, she saw the intriguing owner stare at her, behind his dark shades, which he and the other employees in Night Secrets wore. Nervous, Keira leaves and as she drives home, something big crosses the road, it at first appears as a big dog, but might be a wolf????

Keira has an accident, and to her rescue is the owner of Night Secrets….

Night Secrets drew me in from the very beginning. It is one of those books, that you DO NOT have  to prepare “to see” if you will enjoy, or that you say to yourself…”let me push through a little more to see if I like” ….no, this book grabbed me from the beginning and it flowed so well, I hated anything to interrupt:)

Night Secrets had INCREDIBLE description, Ms. Walker causes each scene to come alive so well, that I practically felt as if I was in the night club and that I personally was the one being drawn to Channing the beautiful boy, or feeling nervous by the intent stare of the owner, Corbin.

Night Secrets was also very well written, so that the story flowed and kept me involved, I truly enjoyed this story and look forward to the next, I hope to find more about Keira, Channing, Corbin and Buddha! Buddha is the favorite band member from Shot In The Dark, he was a character I sensed had more going on with him as well. There are several twist and surprises and readers will not be disappointed.

Take a peek for yourself


The door opened,  a fog of smoke rolling out into the hallway.  She peered around the   door so just her head was visible.  Her long red hair was wrapped in a black,  silk scarf.  Her ears had large silver hoops dangling from them.  A silver chain with some weird-looking       stone hung from her neck.  “Come in me child.  Come in.” 

This was the first time I’d ever been in her room since she moved here.  Looking around I couldn’t believe all the things she had.  Shelves upon shelves lined the walls,  and bottles of every shape and size,  all different colors sat upon them.  There were old books on a      shelf that sat on the floor,  they looked ancient.

“Sit down me child.  We must talk.”

“What is the incense for?”  

“Fer yer prootection child.”  She pulled two chairs up to a round glass table and             motioned for me to sit.  She busied herself gathering a brass ball on a chain, some crystals,  and a book off the shelf.  She walked over to the other end of the room and grabbed a        purple bottle that looked fit for a genie.

“What are you doing Aunt Aingeal?”

“Shush,  me child.  I be tellin’ ya once I’ve all I be needin’.”

So I waited.  Once she was done she came to sit in the chair opposite me at the glass    table.  She spread all the items out in front of us and opened her book.  “Now.  Thar’s a lot   fer ya ta be learnin‘.  Yer father,  bless ‘is soul, nev’r wanted ta believe nor carry on our        heritage.  He thought it rubbish,  but he was a fool.”

“What heritage?  What are you talking about?”

“Listen me child,  and I will be tell’n ya.” 

“Okay.”  I raised my hands in surrender.

“Our family comes from a long line of Celtics from Ireland.  Ya wer’ n’t born a Crosby,     but yer true name is Flannery.”

“What?  Where did Crosby come from?”  I knew we were Irish with the flaming red hair we all had,  but never dreamed that my last name wasn’t my real last name.

“Yer father did n’t want any part of our heritage.  When ya wer’ wee little,  an’ he brought ya and yer mather ta tha states,  he changed yer las’ name ta Crosby.  He was hopin’ ya’d  never ‘ave ta become wha’ was foretold of yer future me child.”

“What was that?  My future?  I’m so confused.  Why didn’t Dad like our background?”

“We’re Wiccan Neacht.  Yer father did n’t want ta believe in all of tha folklore tha’ went    wit’ our heritage,  nor of yer future when he was told ya’d be doin’ great things.”

“Wiccan?  As in witch?”  I chuckled.  This was all a little far fetched. 

“Yes an’ no child.”  She looked down at her book,  grabbing the brass ball on a chain,     she started chanting and smoke billowed from the ball.  She walked over to me and smoke enveloped me as she chanted away.

“What are you doing?”  I exclaimed coughing.

“Puttin’ a prootection spell on ya child.  Ya ‘ave bin in contact wit’ mooch evil.”

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