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It all begins at the Halloween Dance…

Always the black sheep, not caring what anyone thinks, and not a very good dancer, Raine is forced to attend the high school dance with her best friend, Shania. The last thing she expected was to meet Tristan, the gorgeous new kid in school, or experience her first kiss. Envious she wasn’t the one that caught Tristan’s eye, Shania watches Raine leave to spend more time with him, but both girls have no idea that there is much more to him than beautiful green eyes and electrifying kisses.

The heat ony begins with the kiss, but flames soon ignite when Tristan’s old nemesis, Logan, shows up. Not only must Tristan keep him from stealing his girl, but he must ensure that their secrets remain buried. When they rescue Raine from a rogue vampire, both boys must put their differences aside to protect her from the evil that hunts her. None of them expected she would have a secret of her own, including Raine.

“You are a warrior, you just don’t know it yet.”

Born into a destiny she knew nothing about, Raine soon learns that life is much more than it seems. She is a Shijin Warrior and it is up to her to save immortal kind from the very thing that is trying to end their existence. Hearts desires may get in the way, but the Immortyl Kiss may be just what can save them all.


bk walkerJack of all trades, master of none. BK Walker is first and foremost a mother and a wife. With three beautiful children and a wonderful husband, she enjoys her days living on their farm in Eastern Pennsylvania. When she’s not writing, she manages her time organizing virtual book tours for other authors, and helping her husband as a consultant in their jointly owned business.

Putting most of her time into research, BK is always seeking for the most effective ways to market and promote books and business alikeinstn. Art is a secondary love, and you may often find her sketches popping up on one of her blogs, or simply catch her reading the magic created in the pages of a great novel. Who knows, it just may be yours.

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Immortyl Kisses tells the story of Raine, Tristan and Logan. It begins with Raine, a normal girl who really did not fit in with the other kids at school, except for with her best friend Shania; she meets Tristan, a Vampire at a school dance. Tristan is drawn to Raine, who did not know that Tristan had been watching her for a while and in fact, entered school for the sole reason to meet her the night of the dance.

The two are instantly drawn to one another, and soon after become a couple. Also entering the picture is Logan,a Wolf,  who is Tristan’s former friend, who recently returned to town. Once he meets Raine a friendship blossoms and he  soon after  falls in love with Raine. There is a past history between the two boys, over another girl that they both had loved and who had died…and those feelings had ruined their friendship. It seemed history was repeating itself.

But danger soon enters the picture when a Rogue, a created hybrid Vampire begins to hunt Raine and the two boys rally together to protect her. There is a Vampire Council that governs the society of Vampires, and the standing rule is death to anyone Vampire or Human, if the existence of Vampires is exposed. So Tristan and Logan are also fearful of the council discovering that Raine knows what they are. This knowledge came after a Rogue attack, and the truth was discovered by Raine and her best friend Shania, who promises to keep their secret.

As time moves forward and the friends all attempt to figure out what to do about the threat that they are facing, the love triangle grows between the three.

After one major Rogue attack, Raine is fatally wounded and only through Tristan turning her Vampire does he save Raine. Soon all things come to a head, when the friends meets Jin Cao, who appears to be a young boy, but they soon discover he is so much more. Raine discovers that she is a Shijin Warrior, and it is her destiny to save Immortal Kind and Humans, against Fala, a Warlock Vampire who is behind the creation of the almost unstoppable Rogues.

I truly enjoyed this story. It was similar to receiving a gift. You think you might know what is in the package, by the shape and size; but then discovers once opening, there is a box, within a box, within a box until the true gift is revealed! But the entire time of unwrapping, there is this sense of excitement building, with a touch of impatience, because the anticipation is way too much:O)

This was how reading Immortyl Kisses was for me. I thought it seemed a straight forward Vampire re-telling and then Bam! it hits you with a completely fresh twist and unique spin, that keeps the reader glued and urgently turning the pages.

I enjoyed seeing the young girl Raine, come into her self and who she is, I LOVE strong female characters, and enjoyed seeing them placed in situations where they must learn to develop their inner power. Also the kick-butt  fighting scenes are awesome as well.

The two love interest keeps me enthralled, I believe the loving and dedicated Tristan is perfect for her, but my personal preference is the hot natured Wolf Logan!:O)

A Must Read!