NaNoWriMo: Heading For The End? Make Pinterest Your Friend!

Hello Everyone…Happy Wednesday! I just wanted to say hello, and to give a NaNo and IndieWritersReview’s Upcoming Events update:O)

But quickly, a random thought from Moi…

Well, I just wanted to say that now I am on the Pinterest bandwagon:) I always thought it was a cool site, had the account and updated it at least every I don’t know every  three months…,lol.

But since I have started NaNo, I find myself there more frequently, looking for pictures for cute, quirky updates:) I discovered something, well at least it was an epiphany for me, that there is great story fodder out there! If looking for story starters, writing prompts, or fillers anything.

I mean for example, a picture of Lenny Kravitz the musician (or for those that may not know him that way, the dude Cinna from the Hunger Games); well let’s say that there is a picture of him sitting and relaxing on a porch with his electric guitar…well, that’s a great story add-in…example “my character raced through the neighborhood attempting to allude the cyborg and when passing Lenny Kravitz’s house, the cyborg  became distracted and that led to his destruction!(Must have been a female cyborg:O)

Okay, that was terrible, but you get the point. Or you see a picture of a futuristic alien hugging an Angel on Pinterest and there you go, an excellent idea for a new story set in a Dystopian society????? LOL okay, terrible again:)

Or maybe its a great place to surf cool, funny, or pretty pictures and helps distract you from that inevitable time clock which is looming before you to finish! Okay maybe that is the point!!!!!!!

ANYWAY, just saying Pinterest is great go to place…Alrighty, now you’re going…how random? EXACTLY, I may be cracking under NaNo stress, BUT will keeping pushing forward!

So on to the real reason I’m sending this quick post. Just letting you know that right now I am standing at 47,004!!! towards my 50,000 word count goal by Friday November 30th!!!

So yep, but I am pushing forward and putting my nose to the grind…but first I stopped by Pinterest and found this great inspirational picture,lol. thought I would share:)


Also if you wish to know the updates on the Virtual Voice between myself and the fabulous Author Jamie B Musings check out deets on her cool blog Culture Shock

Okay IndieWritersReview Updated Upcoming Events!

November 29th- Cover Reveal for Elder by the award-winning Author Raine Thomas

December 01st- Written review and interview with Author BK Walker and will speak with Ms. Walker on IndieReview Behind The Scenes!

December 05th- Hosting a review stop for Author Ada Adams Re-Awakened Tour!

December 15th- Review of the newest release of Author Emma Meade

and on IndieReview Behind The Scenes will speak with the fabulous Author HD Gordon!

So there you have it guys!

Have an awesome day!


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