NaNo Update the Count Down!

Hey Guys:) I just wanted to send out a quick message saying that I may be scarce over the next few days….(maybe…sometimes, I just cannot stay away:O)

Anyway, for those who might not know I entered the National Novel Writing event called NaNoWrimo and well this is its last week. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days! So in other words, we are to have our fifty count by 11:59pm Friday 30th or before:)  ,lol..,lol…um..heh…(nervous laughter:)

I sit now at 44,009 towards my goal of 50,000!

So I will be over the next few days attempting to complete my 50,000 word novel, and will be entertaining you with small updates and really cute pictures:)

(Why do I add in so many smiley faces????)

Anyway, no worries because after NaNo all will come back to normal, I will actually start updating about the Voice again. I really let that ball drop, but the fabulous Jamie B Musings who I was in Virtual competition with and even though she is also in NaNo, and knocking it out…has kept up with our friendly competiton.

So I direct you to her awesome blog, and in her Archives you will find how we are doing:) Jamie B Musings. But I will post updates soon after the NaNo closes. But also wanted to let you know, now that Kindred is out and NaNo soon over, I will get back to what I love… showcasing the awesome Indie Authors, Musicians and their creations out there!

So here are some upcoming features! (IndieWritersReview!)

November 29th- Cover Reveal for Elder by the award winning Author Raine Thomas

December 01st- Written review and interview with Author BK Walker and will speak with Ms. Walker on IndieReview Behind The Scenes!

December 15th- Review of the newest release of Author Emma Meade

and on IndieReview Behind The Scenes will speak with the fabulous Author HD Gordon!

and much much more! So stick with me:O)

Now a look at how I am feeling right now due to NaNo stress…a visual:O)

Happy Tuesday!


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