Release Day of Kindred! (A Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy novella)

Happy Saturday all:) Today is finally here! It is the official release day of my new novella the second in the Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy!  KINDRED.

Thanks to V’Bre Photography for the great photos and NextArtist Media Service for the incredible cover design!


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There will be lots of activities happening to celebrate this fabulous event. So let’s jump right on into this!

I would like to thanks some very special people who have truly been awesome in helping me out with the pre-buzz relase blitz and now today’s release! These are presented in random order!

Author C.P. Bialois where you can go check out his review of Kindred, and I am so excited that I was actually reviewed in his weekly countdown! (***that’s right, that’s right…how ya like me now!****:O) LOL!  No, I really thank CP for taking the time to read and review!

Author Ronda Caudill has been so gracious and she also has posted an early review of Kindred, so please head over to her spot and check out her really cool site!

Author Emma Meade who allowed me to ramble on about my vision for IndieWritersReview and IndieReview radio in a guest blog at her place today! Thanks Emma for giving me the stage:)

Author Laura Deluca who also gave an early review of Kindred! Laura also has given me so much help behind the scenes regarding writing advice and marketing! Thanks so much:)

and last but not least the wonderful, and fabu Author Jamie B Musings who puts up with me weekly as a fantastic co-host for IndieReview Behind The Scenes!

In addition, thanks to the incredibly talented Music Artist Cecile Monique, who is helping me out with the Virtual tour(s) that are upcoming in December!

Cecile Monique

Today we speak with Cecil Monique in a featured spotlight at IndieReview Behind The Scenes! Cecile will speak about her EP and future projects! Also hear some of the other great songs from Cecile’s EP!

IndieReview Behind The Scenes Show Today at 11 a.m. Central Time!

Cecil Monique is helping out with the NOW & FOREVER virtual tour for Kindred through Virtual Book Cafe Tours thanks to BK Walker!

and Bewitching Book Tours thanks to Roxanne Rhoads!

Two Excerpts from Kindred (Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy) Novella#2 

Excerpt #1

Post 31

Sweat traced a path across my forehead, trickling down with its salty kisses stinging my eyes, blinding me for precious seconds as I blinked hurriedly to clear my vision. The Alpha circled around me, a gloating sneer marring his handsome face; stalking me like the predator he was.

I gripped the oak stake in both hands; I stood in a defensive stance, feet spread, knees slightly bent. I kept my eyes on the Alpha as he moved with feline grace. Although I was in a situation of life or death, I could not stop myself from being caught up in his movements, his grace and agility, but I quickly shook myself out of that haze. I knew that he could be trying to influence me, as that is one of the many tricks of vampires. Sometimes it seems unfair that they have so many tools at their convenience, such as being extraordinary hot, their incredible strength and wicked speed; so much so, that it can blind a person to what type of monsters they really are inside. I felt myself weaken a little and I began to lose focus. The Alpha mockingly asked “What’s wrong, little hunter? Would you like to stop the running, and lie down so that I can have my lunch?” He smiled, showing his fangs. I felt the cleansing flow of anger rush through me, clearing my head. I knew he was attempting to place those thoughts inside my head to eat away at my confidence. Madison, my mentor, says that I have to block it, brick by mental brick. I am to envision a wall in my mind; one that is impenetrable in order to stop the dark whisperings.

I smiled and crouched slightly further in my stance. The vampire’s smile dimmed and he didn’t appear as sure as before. That uncertainty gave me a surge of adrenaline; I kept my eyes centered on the Alpha, but I was very aware of my surroundings. The hairs on the back of my neck rose and the tingling sensation began in my back, spreading and fanning out through my body. I call it my personal alarm system. Madison states that each Hunter has a different warning alert, tailor-made and wired into their body. Mine usually accompanied extreme nausea and headache whenever I was near a Shadowed One…

I knew another vampire was behind me. I looked into the Alpha’s eyes, and his cocky grin was back on his face. I knew I was being mocked and frankly, that was making me madder. But I knew through training not to allow anger to take hold; it could cost me my life—too much to lose. All of this was really hard to take in. One minute, I am the crazy loner girl, just me and my little brother, and the next I am a Vampire Hunter. The fact I didn’t even believe that vampires existed until a few weeks ago was bad enough, but now I’m some type of superhero? Oh, ok, right. But I have been told I am, and with the crazy, cool tricks my body can do…well, I guess it has to be true. I really haven’t had much time to think on it between trying not to get killed; it’s been pretty tough to wallow in doubt.

I lobbed the stake right and left as I rocked on the balls of my feet as trained. I felt the vampire behind me come closer and move out of my peripheral vision. I scoped two other Shadowed Ones coming from both my right and left sides.

I could tell the leader in front was driving, pushing me back towards the one behind me, and the others on the side were closing in for attack. “What, Hunter? No remarks, no witty comebacks? Do you have nothing to say? Or have you accepted that you will not win, that you are nothing but a little girl, and won’t be able to save your brother!” I felt blinding rage envelop me, but I heard a voice in my head saying, “Focus, control the rage, do not allow it to control you…” I breathed deeply and allowed the leader to be my focal point. Soon all I could see was the mocking vampire and then, with a hairsbreadth of warning—he attacked. Fangs showing, his hands forming claws, he lunged. I raised the wooden stake; he deflected my attempt, knocking the stake from my hand. He grabbed my wrist and, just as quickly, leaned in to take a bite. I tuned out everything else, and it was as if something else in me, a more primitive part of me took over. The vampire’s hands were steel bands around my wrist, but I drew from the inner power that I had been sensing and channeling over these last few weeks.

I leaned back and grabbed the vampire’s wrists, twisting them out and down simultaneously. I then leaned back in and head butted the vampire, who, surprised, stumbled back. I took this opportunity to strike him in the throat, which caused him to go backwards, falling down.

The second in command rushed up from behind. I quickly delivered a rear kick to the vampire coming from the back and, as the two came in from the side, I grabbed one, hurtling him from the right side. I grabbed him, ignoring the anger and shock, and now increased rage that flashed over his face. I used him as support, jumping, and fanning my left leg out into a side strike, kicking him in his throat. As I fell down into a sitting position, I still held onto the vampire, bringing him down with me, and while rocking, used my legs as leverage to tilt backwards, and flipped the vampire over as he shouted in rage.

I quickly rolled back into a crouching half-stand and watched as the vampires regained their footing, all eyeing me menacingly. Just as I expected them all to rush me at once, I heard a familiar, loud, and irritating voice shout, “Enough!”

We all stopped and turned, breathing heavily, watching as the Drama queen herself, Bella Donna, walked down the shaded path from Ame Academy, slowly clapping her hands. She stopped directly in front of me, looking at me, arms folded, head tilted to the side as if observing a bug. Just the tip of her fangs showed as she said, “Well done, Hunter. You just might not get us all killed, like I originally believed.”

Jeez, where did I put that stake again?



A thought came into my head and I turned, pinning Rafael with a please don’t mess with me right now…or I’ll rip your heart out stare. I said, “When we first met, you said we knew one another that you were with me when I was little, that we’ve always known one another…always…l-l-oved one another…” I quickly tuned out the others in the room, not wishing to focus on the reactions of the others…although I did catch the big smile from Elin; an incurable romantic it seemed. I knew this should have been a private conversation, but deep down I felt Rafael knew what was happening; I wanted to know what he knew…

He looked at me, with one of those intense, smoldering I’m a hot guy, and I really know what this look is doing to you stare…but I wasn’t going to allow it to affect me. I simply held his gaze in a stable, strong manner…and hoped I didn’t look like a deer in the headlights… he sighed and said, “Do you really want to talk about this here?” Rafael looked at me intently, leaning forward, resting his forearms on his knees…hands pressed together in the steeple formation that everyone uses to signify they are deep in thought.

I said quietly, “Yes.” He looked at me again, and I swear, if he didn’t stop looking at me that way, I would completely forget what we were talking about. He stood up, and crossed the room and came to stand in front of me—did I happen to mention how close he was? Well, enough that I felt a little uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t step back, and I refocused. I needed to hear what he had to say.

“I knew you because I am ThunderKin; yes, I knew who you were and what this meant in the war coming Samhain…”

“Okay,” I said trying to digest that here stood one of the legendary Thunderbirds…I saw how his eyes glowed, now appearing that unearthly golden hue; a worried expression passed over his features, and I wondered what worried him. I said, “And the rest about knowing me?”

“I knew you because…” he said as he reached out, placed his hand on the side of my face, and leaned in close, lips almost touching. He whispered, “I knew you because you are my destiny…my mate.”

Really can you believe this?

Kindred Playlist!

Hey guys go try Kindred out and Happy reading!;O)






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