The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, NaNoWriMo update and New excerpt!

Hello Everyone! Today I am so pleased to be participating in The Next Big Thing Blog Hop! I was tagged by a double tag, so I thought I would simply do a combined post:)

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop is where authors spotlight a book or project they’re working on.

I first would like to give a HUGE thanks to Author Emma Meade of Under The Desert Moon and Night Sighs!





Author Caron Rider of the Silver Series!





The Next Big Thing

Q1: What is the working title of your book?

 Chrysalis is the name of my current project and it is actually a work I am completing through NaNoWriMo challenge this November.





Q2: Where did the idea for the book come from?

Actually, I’m not sure. I have always loved the Smoky Mountains, actually mountains in general. So I have always dreamed of living there, and then my imagination would go further and imagine the mythical creatures that could live in the forest. I also have been intrigued by Native American folklore, so one of the major figures have always intrigued me.

Which was the great Thunderbird. So there will be elements, loosely based on this mythological creature. It just all sort of blended together.


Q3: What genre does your book fall under?

YA Paranormal


Q4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition

Oh wow! That is tough, because I really had not even thought that far:) I’m just trying to survive NaNoWriMo! But well, I suppose a good choice would be and this is probably subject to change if asked later. But first thought would be:

Janel Parrish known for Bratz movie






 Luke Pasqualino known for Skins






Q5: What is the one sentence synopsis for your book?

A Dystopian novel with a splash of Urban chic


Q6: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?



Q7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I’m not finished yet:) I am part of NaNoWriMo so I have to the last day in November!


Q8: What other books would you compare this story to, within your genre?

Dystopian novels for YA


Q9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Mountain life, Native American folklore, and Angelina Jolie in WANTED






Q10: What else about your book might pique the readers’ interest?

This story has a lot:) New collective society between humans and supernatural, clones, Thunderbird, and ALOT of other paranormal creatures, handsome guys, kick butt heroines. A female assassin with an identity crisis, and the Hot love interest whose her target. (No worries, I promise it’s NOT promoting violence ,and will be rated PG-13:)

Thanks again for Authors Emma Meade and Caron Rider for tagging me!;)


NaNoWriMo update!

I thought this would also be a grand time for an update regarding my NaNoWriMo experience! Well, I am still having a great time! It did get a little hectic at the end of last week! I was preparing for my Kindred Cover Reveal and so I was way-y-y- behind! But NaNo write-ins to the rescue:) I was able to pull it out Saturday Nov. 17th at my local NaNo division called the DFW Rhinos over night

Write In! I mean we went in at 7pm and did not come until 7am Sunday morning! I had so much fun,at first it was a little difficult writing around others, and yes, there was a little partying going on and great conversations:) But we finally settled into the groove and got a lot done. I wrote about 6 thousand words that night which is a lot for me in one sitting! I caught the rest up later that Sunday evening after a long nap:)

What was really cool was the fact that my 14-year-old daughter came with me to keep me company, she brought a portable DVD player, sleeping bag, Kindle and snacks. She was ready; to make it even sweeter, (although I tried like the good mom I am:) LOL to get her to sleep, she was determined to stay awake with me, and even brought me a snack! Peanut butter/celery:) That was the coolest part I believe, getting to know others with the same desire I have and spending time with my daughter, who thought it was cool to hang with mom at a write -in on Saturday night!

I was caught up, but yesterday, yep, fell behind once again due to I had some more work to do for the release of Kindred on Nov. 24th! NEVER PLAN A BOOK RELEASE DURING NANO!!! **note to self****,lol

So, I really need to get caught back up for yesterday’s lost day, and probably tomorrow’s maybe(going to in-laws, may have to sneak to next room and write:O)

Anyway, I will keep you informed, and all those out there in NaNo…hey, I’m rooting for you and we’re almost on the down stretch!;O)


NaNoWriMo Write In images from overnight event Nov. 17th!

Okay guys, I actually took pictures and everything on my daughter’s phone to share with you from the overnight write in. Now I am so NOT tech savvy, but I was able to get them on the computer, but now they have disappeared. I know they are floating somewhere on my hardrive and as soon as I locate them, I will share:) (Yes, I could upload again from my daughter’s phone again, but its over a thousand pictures! (Actually how many pictures of Taylor Lautner do you really need I ask???:)

Anyway, I will share when I can pry them out of this infernal machine!

But I do have a second Chrysalis excerpt below:)

Excerpt 2 (Tempest)

Everyone was looking at the fighting boys; I said” Oh wow”! “They were just talking a few minutes before” 

Jade sat with eyes wide, torn between helping and staying out of the fight. Ayida, sat quiet, a frown marring her pretty face. 

The cafeteria became silent as a tomb, as the Blue Hag walked with cane and crow sitting on her left shoulder. In human ancient myths, she was described as an Old woman in tattered clothes; a slight breeze blowing her blue and white dress, where the breeze came from I do not know, but it followed her as she moved. The breeze was great for dramatic effects.

She neared the boys, and put out one hand and a white light flowed from her palm. This threw the boys apart. They both landed in a rage on the floor. We all watched, and I am sure the others as I was; was prepared for a speech on manners, responsibility and correct behavior. This was Ms.Jensen a.k.a. the Blue Hag’s standard speech as the head of campus security. But instead, and this was the wildest thing I had seen to date. Ms. Jensen gets nearer the boys and begins to wail on one of the Brownies with her walking stick! 

The cafeteria erupts with fights breaking out at almost every table surrounding ours. Jade jumps up and goes into the fray and pulls the Crone off the Buachailleen. Others that had not apparently gone insane tried to remain close to the cafeteria wall. The bravest of us remained for the show. While the others escaped into the hallway.

Over the fray I shouted to Ayida” This is crazy! Are you okay?!”

I noticed that Ayida appeared almost sickened, and she hurriedly said “I’ve got to go!” and then she jumped up and grabbed her books and purse. She moved quickly towards the cafeteria exit, dodging a Gruagach, who is not known for their looks, actually they are hideous, but as sweet natured as they come. 

But this particular Gruagach was playing peek-a-boo with two human sophomore girls; chasing them around the room in a grotesque game. Ayida made it to the exit door, I watched her as she looked back at the room and with a pained expression, and she left. 

I simply stood pressed against the wall looking at the chaos, and wondered to myself, what darkness has come to my school?




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    A little NaNo update from my friend, Michelle Cornwell-Jordan. Congrats on your progress; that overnight write-in sounds like it was lots of fun. By the way…. we are still tied in the Virtual Voice challenge after last night’s eliminations. If you guys want to see what my NaNo progress is, please go to my author website blog and read my update and new excerpt… Til next time!

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