Welcome As I Close My Eyes by Sarah DiCello (YA Fantasy) Bewitching Book Tours!

Hello everyone:) I am a host for Bewitching Book tour  As I Close My Eyes by Sarah DiCello:)

SPOTLIGHT: As I Close My Eyes

Book #1

by Sarah DiCello 

genre: historical YA with a time travel twist
Publisher: Taylor Street Books

Book Description:
You know you are alive, but what if you are dead?

Danielle Grayson is a beautiful, intelligent young woman in present-day Georgia, but when she closes her eyes, she becomes someone else in a different time, one hundred years earlier in fact.

Danielle’s other life is as entrancing and romantic as her current one, and the contrast between the lifestyles is intriguing and enlightening (they didn’t have iPods in 19th century USA, apparently), but what starts out as being dreamlike soon becomes real and strangely familiar.
Worse, whatever happens to her as Danielle seems to change the past, if it is a true past.

And when she finds she is not alone in being able to flip between the two worlds, life, love and death become really disturbing.

Available from Amazon.com – here
Available from Kindle – here


Sarah DiCello is new to Taylor Street.

She writes fantasy / romance.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs. She graduated from Shippensburg University with a degree in Communications/Journalism.

This is her first novel. Look for the sequel to “As I Close My Eyes” Christmas 2012.





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