Webisodes to be taped based on Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy in May 2013! Plus Giveaway for Release Day of The Kindred(A Night School Vampire Hunter novella)

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give you another sneak peek in what is upcoming:) In May 2013, there is a tenative schedule date, to tape a series of webisodes based on the Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy novellas/Ame Academy’s Paranormal series(2013)




Buffy would  be proud!

In Celebration of the upcoming release of The Kindred(A Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy novella)November 24th!

Scavenger Contest on Goodreads(Details announced Nov. 2nd)

Giveaways will be kicked off on Nov. 02nd

Open to All

Nov. 09th Amazon virtual giftcard $5.00 a piece to 2 winners

and Nov. 16th Amazon virtual giftcards $5.00 given to 2 winners

and Mega Release Day Bash giveaway Nov. 24th

In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize must be a member of the Hunter Series Fan club on Goodreads/FaceBook

Grand Prize TOURWIDE ( Win a copy of the Kindred and a copy of Cecile Monique’s CD Immortal Beloved)(Genre:Rock)

Other great prizes! Open To All

1st place 3 people per blog will receive a free e-book copy of The Kindred(Novella 2)

2nd place (10 people per blog…a free e-book copy of Night School Vampire Hunter, novella 1)

So make sure you stay tuned:O)

And lastly,find out more great facts about the Hunter facts in the new group The Hunter Series Fan Club here on Goodreads and FaceBook!






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