IndieReview Behind The Scenes spks w/ Author Raine Thomas Today at 11:30 am Central Time!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to announce first that IndieReview Behind The Scenes has reached 11,932 listens since launching March 2012! Thanks so much for checking us out:O)(**Please see below for a much longer, much more teary, heartfelt thanks:O)

Now I wanted to issue an invite!

Just letting you know that today 10/27 at 11:30am Central Time, my co-host Jamie B Musingshttp://jbcultureshock.wordpres… and myself will be speaking with the award winning Author Raine Thomas on IndieReview Behind The Scenes!







Also IndieReview Behind The Scenes is growing! We’re adding new team members!

The first of the great new addition, is Award winning author Sybil Nelson of the Priscilla The Great novels!

Ms. Nelson has an awesome blog where she gives resources, tips, and techniques to Indie Authors and Small publishers…so now Ms. Nelson is bringing that knowledge and skill to our wonderful radio audience! Based on Ms. Nelson’s amazing blogspot Ready.Set.Sell, Ms. Nelson will give a bi-weekly 20 minute segment on Tuesdays at IndieReview Behind The Scenes on marketing strategies called by the same name, Ready. Set Sell!

Ms. Nelson’s first segment, will air Tuesday November 06th! So make sure you check it out:)


Thanks to all those who have listened to IndieReview Behind The Scenes, and supported the great guests we have interviewed, stories we have shared and not to mention the awesome music!

We appreciate you, as you listen and support IndieReview Behind The Scenes, you are actually supporting the very talented Authors and Musicians out there, so again thanks!


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