Welcome Author C.P. Bialois’s Skeleton Key ( Release Launch!)

Hello Fam:) I am so pleased to say, that today I am participating in the book launch of Skeleton Key by C.P. Bialois!

Take a look at the deets for this great read; and I’m also sharing a review below:O)

So, check it out!

From the imagination of CP Bialois, author of Call of Poseidon and the Sword and
the Flame series, comes a collection of short stories filled horror and
suspense.  Join us as we step through the door way into the unseen  workings of 
our world.  Skeleton Key will warm your heart with a brother’s love, break it
with the ultimate betrayal, and make you to question what’s real.


CP Bialois’ love of words began as a small child when his father bought a stack of comics to teach him the reading skills he wasn’t mastering in class. Before long, he was reading at an advanced level and teachers were shaking their heads over the unconventional method.

Growing up in the ‘80s, Bialois was exposed to even further inspiration through the popular cartoons of the day. Transformers, in particular, sparked his imagination and led to him put his first stories on paper. After a decades-long break, Bialois began getting back into the world of writing by joining some role-playing groups. These groups taught him about fleshing out characters and building worlds that stuck with him as he began writing short stories for fun.

To his surprise, Bialois would end up completing his first full-length novel, Call of Poseidon, in 2007. Armed with a finished product, Bialois began working on another book, The Sword and the Flame, unsure of what he would ultimately be doing with either. As with many others in the later part of the first decade of the 2000’s, he found himself out of work and looking into new options. Over the next two years, he would spend most days at the library, completing an additional half-dozen works.

Two books later, Bialois is planning for the release of many more and enjoying the feedback he receives. The up-and-coming author takes inspiration from favorites such as Steven King, Tom Clancy and Sue Grafton. His love of history, fantasy and old monster movies has also served as a muse.

When he’s not busy writer or chatting on his social networks, Bialois enjoys watching Hockey and Football as well as Metallica DVDs. He currently lives with his wife- a fellow writer- and their fur children. CP Bialois is also active in several South Florida writing groups, as well as the online writer community.

Contact C.P.Bialois

Twitter: @cpbialois

Website. www.cpbialois.webs.com

Skeleton Key is eerily cool!:O) I began reading some of the stories at night, it was dark and quiet; and after I began, I had to get up and turn on lights… I love C.P. Bialois’s writings, they are reminiscent of Stephen King, starting off with the friendly amiable tone, that belies the fact he is about to scare the pants off the reader… On the surface the story seems straightforward, simply a good telling, then boom he laces and intertwines the suspicions and doubts, and drops tidbits of

spookiness in the story, and before you know it, the reader is balled up, tense, and jumping at every sound:) Okay, that might have just been me…but it happens!
My favorite out of Skeleton Key was the All Nighter which tells about a young man who just begins working the night shift at a funeral home, and he receives a delivery, his first….and well, I do not wish to give it away, but things do not go as planned:)
My next favorite is Camping 101 which is about a Camp counselor who is beloved by the kids he works with, and he loves them although he can be difficult, but not every one loves Captain Crank as one of the kids begin calling Lester Moore, which the name soon sticks…but after Lester has to discipline the teen and his friends, the teens get even with Lester, with a prank that involves laxatives and something good to eat. But instead of getting angry Lester, always gets even and teaches the boys a lesson. But the lesson also reveals to the reader a very scary truth about Lester Moore…
This one sent chills up my spine when I read the last sentence.,,
and I also liked Ghost Of All Hallows Eve which tells about Eliza a long time resident of a small reclusive town called Follets…Eliza is behind  a dark force that swipes through the small town, punishing the residents for long ago forgotten sins…
This was a good creeper as well:O)
Plus many, many more…I recommend this book  as a Halloween gift for your favorite spooky story friend or family member, but it actually is a great gift for yourself or others ANY time of the year…but best read at night!:O)

4 thoughts on “Welcome Author C.P. Bialois’s Skeleton Key ( Release Launch!)

  1. I know:O) It was a very subtle creeping out…,lol…I was reading,and thinking, um…good stories, really good…then all of a sudden..**what’s that sound?!** then back to reading, yep I’m thinking good story! Then by the end…I realized I was shaking in my bunny slippers!(yep, Bunny slippers:O) My little secret’s out!
    LOL…but yep, grab a copy, you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Thank you for allowing me to have my book launch on your blog Michelle. I’m glad you liked the book. 🙂

    Thank you Emma. 🙂 A friend of our in England (Audrey Haney) painted it and another friend here in the States (Bitten Twice) helped design the final composite. They’re awesome!

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