IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Artist spotlight and One Voice Feature

Happy Monday all:) I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Today is Monday, so that means music around here:) So I want to jump right in with my Artists spotlight…so check it and my One Voice Feature, where I give a brief recap of the hit shows the Voice and X-Factor;and I give updates on Team Michelle! So let’s get started

Artist Spotlight (Taken from CD


80’s ya’ll:O)


An album for all those who love the combination of rock and pop music and who are in love with the 80’s. An album for all those who love the guitar and who love to rock. An album for all those who love catchy songs!
Genre: Rock: 80’s Rock
Recording and mixing the first “real” plugged album of GEE, took the five young musicians from Germany a long time.
“We always wanted to produce an album with a good balance between rock and pop music, with catchy melodies and cool guitar riffs. During the past few months we wrote 13 new songs, some ballads and many uptempo numbers and we were looking for the perfect sound, of course. ”
What GEE had in mind was the 80s sound combined with some elements of current music.
They translated their idea very well with their new album “Fame”.
“People often ask us why our new album’s name is Fame. Fame is the title of the first song on the CD. The song describes one of the situations we are very often confronted with on our way through the music business.
Many people, exspecially those of big record companies,  don’t believe in new, young bands who play rockmusic. You always get a lot of bad critique. But if you really wanna reach the top, never say die.”If you want to help GEE on their musical way, check out their current album Fame.
Ck  out Gee below. Their title song Fame (80’s inspired), will be aired on Wednesday’s IndieReview Behind The Scenes!
(Higher Than The Sun intro is German. Song is in English…pretty cool:)
Recommended if You Like
Mr. Big
X Factor was cut short, interrupted by other television programming, so I did not have a chance to view all of the picks. But I do know that the judges gave their decisions on their Final Four picks.
I was able to view Brittany’s choices and L.A. Reids. I wasn’t too surprised with the judges choices…I was a little aggravated with the staged, techniques of each judge when telling the artist if they made it or not. Such as the long pauses, and the reptition of..”I have made my decision…” but staged for dramatic effect or not…it had the desired effect on the performers…and me,lol. I was all “Come on, come on!” Although I had a good guess on who they would go with. But I was very happy for all that made it, especially the Over 25 group:) But in all, very happy for them…and my hope is that those who did not, would not stop going for their dream, that they would not see this as having been their only chance…its not…as long as they have breath in their body…there is the opportunity to strive for their dreams.
Final Four Brittany’s Team: Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar.Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller
L.A. Reids Final Four:  Correy, 27, Jason Brock, 35, Tate Stevens, 37, and Vino Alan, 40.
Demi Final Four(2 was revealed so far) Jennel Garcia, 18, and Willie Jones, 17
My Fav’s so far
 Carly Rose Sonenclar(I think she has a chance of winning this whole thing!)
Vino Alan (Has a Bruce Springsteen rasp to me:O)
This week’s Voice was really good. I enjoyed the artist showcase, and watched as the Celeb leaders and their advisors aided the performers. I believe one of the highlights of the show for me was when Alessandra Guercio was up for a steal after her Battle Round with Kayla Nevarez (Adam’s Team)
and Kayla won out due to Adam stating that Alessandra was a little insecure, unsure of herself while performing; that she was finding it difficult  to break out of the shell of her more formal training background, and be more natural.
I fully understood that Adam had the difficult decision to see the BIG PICTURE, who could possibly win, based on the criteria he had in front of him. So Adam went with Kayla, but I did love seeing Christina use her steal for Alessandra, saying no woman should feel insecure, and Christina has stated she will work with Alessandra on finding herself in her music.
Team Michelle updates!


Avery Wilson

Bryan Keith


Devyn Delora

Dez Duron

Emily Earle(Sent Home)

Gracia Harrison

Liz Davis

Melanie Martinez

Michaela Paige

Mycle Wastman

Nicole Nelson

Trevin Hunte

Adrianna Louis


Emily Earle vs Mackenzie Bourg: Unfortunately my Emily Earle  did not fair well due to  Cee Lo states that Mackenzie had more versatility. There was not a steal, so I lost Emily, she has a fantastic voice with strong roots in Country, and I hope she continues to go for her dream.

Liz Davis vs Nicole Johnson: The outcome was that my Liz Davis remained on Team Adam! Both performers were awesome, but due to a small technical detail, which if I was to be honest, even though it worked out in my Team member’s favor, I believe it was simply a technicality, used by Adam in order to make this extremely difficult decision. But again, I am not a singer, so possibly this was a bigger deal..the fact Nicole seemed to lose her breath , a little…while singing…which I am sure with coaching she would be able to overcome? But again, I am not a singer, so it’s just an opinion. I do wish the young Nicole well, and hope that she will continue to strive for her dream!

Dez Duron vs Paulina: They sung Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Dez from Team Christina and Michelle:O) came out the victor in this round. It was felt by Christina and a couple of the other judges, that Dez showed consistency in his voice. Paulina has a wonderfully unique voice, and as Christina had stated in one of the practices, that Paulina, would to be mindful to not “overdo” and put too much of her on free style in the song. That the song was set up, that it had parts that would highlight both performers, uniqueness. It was felt that Dez stayed more steady and true to the song.

So there you have it, except for the two losses of Domo(previous week) and Emily Earle(This week) Team Michelle is holding strong!:O)


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