Welcome Rae Hachton’s Raven In The Grave Tour!

Hello Everyone… I am so excited to be apart of the Author Rae Hachton’s Raven In The Grave tour! Check out the Raven In The Grave Book trailer, playlist and I also share a review below:) So check it out now.

So let’s check this out!

My nom de plume is Rae Hachton, but my real name is Desirae. I write novels for young adults. I am the author of the Pretty in Black series, which is a Gothic Romance. Some of my favorite things are moonflowers, ravens and crows, The Raveonettes music, black roses, railroad tracks, the Victorian era, and cemeteries. If I could be a time of day, I would be 5:55 p.m. or that magical hour during sunset. More things that I like: Violin music, spiders & cobwebs, 50s music, skeletons, Dracula, & Castles. Also, I love Jones Soda and Pocky, and wishes Halloween were everyday.

Nevermore Will Never Be The Same

Marcus is back, and he’s ready to fight.

Forced to Kill, His Thirst takes Over. He wants Ellie, and he wants the Throne. He Won’t stop until he can…

Rule The Darkness


I will forgo summarizing, but I will suggest any reader who has not read in this series to go back to the first book Pretty In Black, where the dark and passionate romance of Ellie and her Marcus began….

This installment was excellent! The world Ms. Hachton has created, and the unique take she has given the Vampire phenomena is one that I enjoy. Raven In The Grave, ups the stakes, lllustrating a deeper,aggressive side to Marcus…the characters have matured as well as their interpersonal relationships. The passion is greater, the dark beauty of the imagery of Ms. Hachton’s words adds an other worldly allure. She seems to incorporate a lyrical quality to her storytelling. Raven In The Grave is a well written, imaginative work, that I recommend.


Raven In The Grave Soundtrack!

Sad Transmission by Ravonettes

With Roses By Butterfly Messiah

Lamb by Moth Complex

Tied Up In Knots by Moth Complex


Check it out here!;O)



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