IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Artist spotlight, Music Mailbox and One Voice Feature:O)

Wow…Its Monday again! I am so glad you’re here. Well its time for music…and below I am sharing a Artist’s spotlight, what came in my music mailbox and the One Voice Feature.

So let’s get started!

Artist Spotlight/In My Music Mailbox!


Alternative Rock/Pop Artist, David Duane started singing at the age of 11 years old. He started his training as a dancer in 1999. David discovered his singing ability while he was on the phone with two of friends, singing the hit single “Leave (Get Out)” by JoJo. In the year of 2002, he formed a male duo group with his best friend, Malcolm B. The group went by the name, “DM3”. David says “I came up with the name while Malcolm & I were on the phone one day. But the “DM” is for our name and the 3 is just the magic number.”

DM3 wrote & produced their first song together, which never released titled “Party Over There”. David as a younger child always had a dream of being in a group but the other didn’t. David and Malcolm continued working as a writing team; the two both were writing songs for other artist, themselves, and each other.

Once again, David wrote two records, which would be songs for his debut album in the near future. “Lose Me (U Lose Me) “was about being in a relationship where the female was cheating and David breaks up with her. “I Don’t Care” was a song about a guy speaking to the haters telling them that his doesn’t care about their negativity. David then began his work as a solo artist writing songs and continued working as a dancer. As David was working on his solo artist career he begin promoting for artist such as Dawn Richard (Diddy-Dirty Money & Danity Kane), Kalenna (Diddy-Dirty Money), and Vonzell Solomon. From working with other artist David learned a great deal to help him become a success entertainer.

Recently, David Duane re-release his debut EP, “Fierce Wings: 1st Time Coming” to all online media stores. The EP will include 11 tracks and features his singles, “Love Won’t Wait On Us (R&B Mix)”, “U Lose Me” and “My Hearts On Overload”. The sound of the “Fierce Wings” EP is described to be “pop-r&b-soul-alternative rock-electro twist” which David calls “Pop&B. Along with the EP release, he released two music videos for his promotional single, “1st Time Coming”, which is receiving positive feedback. David Duane is also the host of his own radio station & show, “The Biz With D/ My Fierce Wings Radio”. ”

Check out more from this artist and awesome music at


Okay Fam:) I’m going to keep my recap very brief, if you follow either one of these  great shows then you know the battle has heated up and all the stakes have been raised. So, here is my take on this past week’s events:O)

I will say that when I began watching X Factor, I was a little thrown off by the format. There seemed to be  manufactured performances/behaviours, and behind the scenes footage ,that was put in simply to either shock audiences; or were just for  entertainment purposes. Which overall, isn’t so terrible except, I was expecting a format  geared totally towards grooming artistic talents, such as what I found with the Voice.

But I will say my viewpoint changed slightly as we went into the Boot Camp auditions, and now I have become enmeshed in the performances. Many of my favorites are still present, but now at the Judges Houses, there are even more eliminations. There are six artists/groups, but only four can go on to the live performances.(Per House)….

There is simply ALOT of talent amongst the artists featured, from the groups to the teens, and everything in between:O) In my opinion they are all super stars, I’m simply impressed at the caliber of talent presented!

I was surprised this week to see there was a huge change on the emphasis of the show. The judges across the board were coaching the artists in opening up, being more relatable to the audience when performing. CeCe Frey, the performer with the huge amounts of confidence, which before, came over slightly off-putting; has toned it down, and  has begun to, yes, keep the confidence….but strive to become more open and relatable. Over all, I really enjoyed this week’s shows, and I am on the edge of my seat wondering who made the cut? Yes, I admit it…I’m hooked:O)

My Fav’s this week

Okay the show geared up and I really enjoyed the format. It was great knowing that if my favorite artists perform and doesn’t make the cut that, they can remain in the game due to the steal option. I believe this is a wonderful addition.

I enjoyed watching the artists receive their background instruction, and seeing the strengths and weaknesses of each; and then noting their overcoming these obstacles while performing.

These battles were between team members, a weeding out feature, where the winner will go to the knockout round.

So how did Team Michelle members do?

See below:O)

Team Jamie

1) Cody Belew
2)Rudy Parris
3) Nathalie Hernandez
4)Sylvia Yacoub
5) Amanda Brown
6) Cassadee Pope
7) Alexis Marceau
8) Brandon Mahone
9) Diego Val
10) Suzanna Choffel
11)Kayla Nevarez
12) Joselyn Rivera
13)Beat Frequency
14) Benji
15) Ceclia Westbrook
16) Laura Viva
Team Michelle


Avery Wilson

Bryan Keith


Devyn Delora

Dez Duron


Emily Earle

Gracia Harrison

Liz Davis

Melanie Martinez

Michaela Paige

Mycle Wastman

Nicole Nelson

Trevin Hunte

Adrianna Louise


Bryan Keith  vs Collin McLoughlin: Bryan was picked to remain, and Collin was saved from elimination and is now on Blake’s Team!

Gracia Harrison vs. 2 Steele girls: My Gracia competed against the 2Steele girls…the determination was that she was more playful with the crowd and overall brought a little more into her performance. So she remained on Blake’s Team.

Trevin Hunte vs Amanda Brown: Okay this was very, very close. Up until now, although good, Amanda had not shown how powerful her voice and performance could be, and she gave my member Trevin Hunter some competition. They sang Mariah Carey’s “Vision Of Love” and Amanda Brown, was extremely confident and strong in her performance…she had stated that she had been singing Mariah Carey’s songs for years…Trevin was a little out of his element and seemed unsure, nervous. But his voice is powerful and cannot be denied and retained him a place on CeeLo’s team. CeeLo stated that he wished to remain with Trevin on his journey to developing into the  performer he is confident Trevin can be. Amanda was saved, then all three judges hit their buttons to steal her, Amanda is now part of Adam’s team.

Domo vs Cody Belew: I had always believed that there was more to Domo than what first met the eye. During the auditions, Domo came across as slightly overwhelming in her addressing the judges.But during this first week of Battel Rounds,Domo was controlled and gave a great peformance. Each judge stated that they noticed her improvement, and felt that the song, Lady Gaga’s Telephone… was a true fit for Domo.But the judges felt that both performances were pretty much equal and basically Cee Lo stated it came down to personal preference, and Domo had to leave:( But I was very impressed with her and will miss having her on my team.

Aquile vs 15 year old Nathalie Hernandez: I felt this was an odd paring, but Christina stated that both had similiar qualities in their voices. Nathalie was told that she had a sweet voice and they both were very talented, but Aquile pulled it out, with his performance  being called “perfect throughout”. Although nothing can be taken from 15 yeard old Nathalie, having performed such a mature song. I applaud her for how well she did do.

Melanie Martinez vs Caitlin Michele: The artists performed “Lights” the sentiment between the judges were that both deserved to remain, and that there was no right or wrong choice….Adam basically without any help from his judges, had an agonizing decision. Although he didn’t wish to lose either one, Adam kept Melanie!

Melanie and her uniqueness is one of my personal favorites as well:O)

So there you have it fam! Team Michelle on the road to the winners circle!:O)


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