Whispers In The Woods By T.J. Dell Tour! (Presented by VBT Cafe )

Hello everyone today I am participating as a tour host for Whispers In The Woods by T.J. Dell. The tour is sponsored by VBT Cafe Tours! I will share a review today as well as a guest post from Author T.J. Dell.So let’s get started!

T.J. Dell Media Kit

Whispers in the Woods

The Complete Collection

When TJ isn’t reading or writing (which is almost never), she is enjoying a blissfully boring life with her family in Maryland.  Her two greatest wishes are to serve on a Starfleet Starship or to be invited to join the Justice League.  Sure her chances are slim, but she’s a big believer in dreaming big.

A hopeless romantic to her very core, TJ’s books explore every corner of the wobbly-kneed-world of romance novels.  She has a particular penchant for Young Adult themes.  Dell’s debut novel ‘Her Best Friend’s Brother’ is enjoying its tenth month as an Amazon best seller, and her popular Elfkin Series is hot on its heels.

For more information follow her on Facebook at facebook.com/dell.tj

Email: tjdellbooks@gmail.com

Giveaway: T.J. Will be giving away 2 signed paperbacks of Whispers in the Woods, along with three $5 Amazon Gift Cards during her tour. The Rafflecopter code is below, please insert with every post.

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Vol. I
When Evie Parker meets Lucas Spencer she begins to feel hope again. Lately she’s been going through life in a fog and Lucas is all about teaching her how to have fun again. For the first time since the accident she knows what it means to be happy.

So who cares if Lucas is a little odd. It isn’t that strange that she’s never met his parents, or that teachers never seem to notice when he’s late for class. Evie tries not to care, but on top of all his peculiar behavior she’s been feeling kind of sick lately– ever since she met Lucas actually.

When Lucas decides it is time to come clean with all his secrets Evie has to make some hard decisions.

Vol. II
All Evie wants is a little bit of normal in her life– is that really too much to ask?
Lucas isn’t normal, but he makes her happy. That should count for something. Evie thinks she can find a balance that will let her be normal and also be with him.

Of course she hadn’t counted on adding his family into the mix, or his ex-girlfriend.

Life with an elf is never boring.

Lucas and Evie were finally at a place where Evie was comfortable with her mix of normal human teenager and fantastical elf boyfriend. Then she went and got herself crushed by a tree.

Evie wakes up with a whole lot of extra issues to deal with. Not the least of which is a trip inside the Veil to see Lucas’s home. She never would have agreed to go if she’d known she was going to have her own secret to hide.

Genre:Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher:Independently published
Release Date:May 21, 2012
Purchase Links:http://www.amazon.com/Whispers-Complete-Collection-Elfkin-ebook/dp/B0084XCRVU/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1343249434&sr=1-2



Whispers in the Woods Excerpts.


“Is something wrong with your pizza?”  Lucas paused between giant bites of his dinner.  Two huge slices piled high with every topping on the menu were still waiting on his plate.  He’d already polished off one.

“No.  I’m just letting it cool off.  I prefer to be able to taste my food.”   My own single slice of pepperoni pizza was still piping hot and therefore untouched in front of me.

Lucas held one of his hands over my food, gauging the temperature.  “It should be cool enough.”

As always, he was right.  A moment before steam had been drifting off my plate, and now it was perfectly cooled:  still warm enough to taste good, but nowhere near hot enough to burn my taste buds off.  All thoughts of how wrong that was got pushed to the back of my mind—along with all other similar thoughts I’d been ignoring for the past forty-eight hours.  That area of my mind was getting mighty crowded lately.

“Eat, Evie.  You’re making me self-conscious.”  Lucas’s voice pulled me back to the conversation.  He was grinning around a big mouthful of his third slice.

“I really don’t think that’s possible.  Besides, food clearly doesn’t affect your body the way it does a normal person.”

His jaw hung open.  The way he was staring at me—well, I may as well have smacked him.  “What do you mean?”

I blushed.  Probably I should have kept that to myself.  “Nothing.  I just… well, look at you. I’ve watched you consume a gazillion calories over the last two days and you still look… well, the way you look.”

“I think there is a compliment in there somewhere.”  A grin broke out on his face.

“Umm… yeah.  I guess.”  Man, that was embarrassing!

Lucas got up from his chair and settled himself next to me in the booth.  “You don’t think I’m normal?”  His whisper was low and husky, and his breath tickled against my ear.

“Are you?”  Could he hear my heart?  Could everyone in the building hear it?  It was certainly beating loud enough.

“If I’m not normal, does that bother you?  Would it matter?  Would you still have agreed to come here with me?”

“Probably.”  My voice was squeaking.

“Which one, Evie?”  He lifted his hands to frame my face.  His beautiful soft eyes bore into mine as though this was the most important conversation he’d ever had.

“Probably I would still have come to dinner with you.”

Relief flashed in his eyes—and something else, too.  At the time I couldn’t recognize it for what it was: guilt.  “I’m not sure you know what you’re saying, but I’ll take it anyway.”

He tasted like pizza.  That was the first thought to register in my brain after his lips touched mine.  It was also the last thought.    The entire restaurant melted away.  In a corner to our left a kid was screaming for more French fries.  Two tables to our right a group of kids argued as they counted their pocket change on the tabletop.  All around us arcade games buzzed and beeped while children cheered.  I heard none of it.

I know what you’re thinking.  And yes, we were in a family restaurant surrounded by children.  But I swear it wasn’t like that; not on the outside anyway.  His kiss was soft and sweet.  His hands never left my face.  The amazing, earth-shattering, life-defining moment was happening on the inside.  Something deep inside me snapped.  Not snapped apart.  God knows I’d been broken into enough pieces recently.  It was more like snapping together.  It felt like finding last piece of sky in a big jigsaw puzzle.  I could feel him.  Just like the day before, only times a thousand.

“Oh wow.”  I grinned when we pulled away.

“Uh-oh,” he said at the very same moment.



“I didn’t go anywhere, Evie.  Even if I had—you told me to go.  Did you think I was kicking back and relaxing?  I couldn’t breathe without you.  Every day I had to talk myself out of going to your Gram’s house and dragging you home with me.  Every day I waited for you to forgive me—and you never did.”

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

“You are and you aren’t, Evie.  You aren’t really here with me.  It’s like…”  His sentence fell off and he flung his arms into the air, cursing a blue streak.  “It’s like you are waiting until you are strong enough to go, and I am stuck waiting for a world of pain to come crashing down around me.”

“Are we still talking about Jason?  I told you, nothing happened.  I don’t want anyone else.”

“But you don’t want me?”  Lucas pulled nervously on his hair pulled back at the nape of his neck.  “I have apologized and I think you know I wouldn’t have hurt you on purpose.  I never would have forced the bonding on you even if I’d known it was possible, but I am not really sorry that it’s there.  You’re it for me, Evie.  Even if I have to live with that world of pain I think I would prefer the pain to any situation where you weren’t a part of me.  I know I said I wouldn’t push and I meant it, but I’m struggling here, Evie.”

“Did you really say you couldn’t breathe?”  I took a few steps towards him.  He made it sound so much simpler than the stupid voices in my head ever did.

“It was a metaphor, but yeah, that’s what I said.  I used to sit around planning out long elaborate speeches that would convince you to forgive me.  I was so afraid that you’d never speak to me again.”

“I should have told you.”

“What?  You should have told me what?”  He winced and flattened himself against the wall, gaining an extra inch and half between our bodies.

I could see the worry in his face.  Guilt stampeded through me.  I hated that he was standing there worrying, that he’d probably been doing a lot of worrying while I was stalling.  He was right.  I was with him without actually being with him.  I should have told him.

“I forgave you.”



I love being a writer.  And I am having a great time visiting with bloggers, readers, and writers during this blog tour.  But I have to be honest:  I’m just plain running out of things to say.  The honest to goodness truth is that I am not all that interesting.  So when I was asked to write this guest spot I decided to do what I do best.  The following is a story prompt straight from my imagination to you.  I would love to hear what you think happens next.


Mandy cursed herself for dragging her violin case home.  She could have left it in her locker this one time considering how weighed down her back pack was with books and the insanely awkward garment bag she was trying to balance over her left hand.  Shannon was sweet to let her borrow something to wear to the dance tomorrow night, but couldn’t she have dropped the choices off at her house?  And how many dresses were in here?  It weighed a ton!

She finally made her way to the front parking lot just in time to see the last of the busses pulling away from the curb.  Fan-freakin-tastic.  How the crap was she going to get home now?  Mandy and her mom had moved to town only a week ago and Mandy didn’t know anyone well enough to call for a ride.  Walking was her only option.  Mandy looked down at her cute little sandals with their pointy, clicky heels and sighed.  This was going to be fun.

Twenty minutes later Mandy was wondering if she should have gone left instead of right and Sandyrow Drive.  Her feet were killing her and this new suburban paradise was all starting to look the same.  Getting lost was even more embarrassing than missing the bus.  That was it… the shoes had to go.  At least the sidewalk was clean and flat.  If her mom had to pick a labyrinth to start their new lives in at least she’d picked one that was easy on her bare feet.  She sat down on the curb to take off her sandals and felt pretty pleased with herself when she thought of buckling them to the straps of her bag.  Now her hands wouldn’t be extra full.

“Hi there.” 

She snapped her head up to find a boy hanging out of the driver’s side window of an old beat up looking car.  He was grinning at her in a way that made it obvious that he wanted to be laughing at her.  That annoyed the crap out of Mandy, but it didn’t prevent her from noticing how incredibly beautiful he was.  Mandy wouldn’t normally use the word beautiful to describe a boy.  Cute, hot, even handsome when the occasion called for it, but not beautiful.  Only he was.  His complexion was pale, but flawless beneath an unruly mop of jet black curls.  Perfect almond shaped, gray eyes were staring at her through long soot colored eyelashes.  And his smile appeared to be lopsided due to one deep dimple in his right cheek.

“Hello.”  She scrambled to her feet and took a step away from him.  Beautiful or not, he was still a stranger.

“Something wrong with your shoes?”  His eyes cut to where her sandals were dangling from her backpack at butt level.  His grin stretched wider, and she pivoted away from him so he wouldn’t be able to leer at her backside anymore.

“No.  I just thought it was a nice day to go barefoot.”  She waved politely and started walking back to the corner where she suspected she’d made a wrong turn.

“Can I give you a ride?”  The boy shouted after her.

“No.  Thank you.”  She waved again and kept walking.

“Then how about some advice?” 

She heard a car door shut and whirled around to find the boy was now out of his car and walking towards her.  He was tall and thin but he moved in confident fluid motions that eliminated and chance of someone calling him wiry or lanky.

“What advice might that be?”  She stayed where she was even though her heart was pounding a mile a minute and her brain was telling her to run.  She wasn’t supposed to speak to strangers.  And strangers weren’t supposed to be following her as she lost herself in the jungle of beige colored siding and ornamental flowering trees.

“You’re going the wrong way.”

“What?”  Her heart went from pounding to still.  “How do you know where I’m going?”

“Because,”  He took a final step that brought him well into her personal bubble space and looked down into her eyes.  “I know where you live, Mandy.”  She felt his hand warm and soft as it pulled the guitar case away from her.  His other hand slipped lifted her back pack and he easily slung it over one of his slim shoulders.  One wink and then he turned and walked back the way he came. 

Mandy sucked in a couple of lungfuls of crisp spring air and considered dialing the emergency number her mother had made her program into the new pay-as-you-go cell phone she was supposed to keep with her at all times.  Except that cell phone was tucked into the side pocket of the backpack that was now walking away from her.

“You coming?”  He paused and looked back at her.  Mandy had no choice but to run and catch up with him.


Whenever I begin a book, I know within the first few pages, if this book is the one….you know the one. The book that will hold my interest so much, that I put off other, “must do’s” in order to read just “one more page”. Or the one that keeps me up at night when its long past my bedtime, or the one that has me thinking about it through my daily activities during the day.

The One, does not happen alot. I mean there are good stories, great reads…but they aren’t the one…well, Whispers In The Woods for me was one of the ones…books that hit the spot!;O)

I received the book for review  and it seemed so  harmless…I had no idea that I would get sucked into the adventure the way I did. Whispers In the Woods follow Evie and Lucas. Evie who recently lost her parents comes to live with her grandmother, who for better words, doesn’t want her. So Evie is trying to make it through each day. Her main solace is walking in the woods near her home, and one day,there she meets Lucas. Funny, attentive and extrememly handsome Lucas! Upon first impression she believes he’s a little older than she, but he’s such a great listener, she finds herself pouring out her lifestory. Embarrassed slightly, but happy to have met him. Lucas and Evie part ways. The next school day, Evie sees Lucas at school, instantly she realizes that he appears younger and that she is shocked that she never noticed him at her school before. Soon the two are inseperable, and where she was once the loner, now being with Lucas who is a people magnet, she gains some friends as well.

The two are completely intuned, although Evie begins to notice some strange events regarding Lucas, things she strives to set aside, and focuses on being happy. But soon she cannot ignore them any longer, just little things and on top of that, Evie begins to feel sick, only feeling better when she is near Lucas.

It all comes tumbling down one night and Lucas tells all…that he isnt who she thinks he is, that he is Fae and they are married according to his world(because of a bonding that inadvertently happened, which is the reason she is sick whenever he isnt around, but she will be better soon). Evie is irate and she says she wants nothing else to do with him. Lucas abides by her wishes, and at the end of Volume one, this appears to be it for the two young people…or is it?

I signed up to review Volume 1 but it was so good I immediately went on line and purchased the entire collection! I kid you not, I loved this story….The way Ms. Dell describes the relationship between Lucas a nd Evie, it is so sweet, endearing and romantic…whew! It gave me the romance fix I needed. I also loved Evie’s voice, young, fresh, funny, and a little feisty. Lucas, caring, passionate, endearing…this was such a good love story without being too sappy, and theres adventure to boot. To be honest my review is not doing it justice…I will say, please go grab the collection and read for yourself! This was a well-written story that keeps you very much entertained, Ms. Dell is an excellent storyteller!

Luved it!


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    • Awww thanks! I appreciate that and no worries:O)

      This really is a good story, one I recommend, great for romantic soul:O) Click the link and it will take you to the VBT Cafe Rafflecopter to enter for a copy and Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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