IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Artist spotlight:Country Music artist Jenna Jentry, Music Mailbox and One Voice Feature!

Hap-p-py Monday all! Its Music Monday time again:O) So today , I want to just go straight into it, because we just have so many good things to talk about! Today I am spotlighting a fabulous Country artist Jenna Jentry, I will share what came in my Music Mailbox and then I will give the weekly updates on the hot shows The Voice and X-Factor…plus the teams are done! I will share the final list of TeamJamie as in JamieBMusings and my team Team Michelle( ahem**cough…the winning team!…**cough:O)

So check out the deets below!



About Jenna Jentry: 
Country singer/songwriter/performer Jenna Jentry released her debut single,
“Lovin’ Lazy,” to iTunes in Aug. 2012.  Her independent album, Good As
, is currently in production and slated for a 2012 release.
Multi-platinum producer Kevin DeClue and Grammy-nominated producer Mark Moffatt
are co-producing the project.  A national finalist in the 2010 NSAI Song
Contest, Jentry co-wrote 12 of the album’s 13 songs.  Jentry graduated with a
double major in Advertising and Spanish from Southern Methodist University and
is a three-time national champion cheerleader.  For more information, visit


An independent artist with a strong DIY ethic, Jentry has been actively involved
in the writing and recording process of her debut project, penning 12 of the
album’s 13 songs with multi-platinum, Los Angeles-based writer/producer Kevin
DeClue (Hilary Duff).  “Lovin’ Lazy” is the first single from Good As
, a cautionary but catchy number that outlines a relationship hampered
by complacency.  The track is currently available for purchase at
“‘Lovin’ Lazy’ is basically when someone stops trying in a
relationship,” says Jentry, a 2010 NSAI Song Contest finalist and international
finalist at London’s UK Songwriting Contest.  “It’s when you’re sitting there,
getting hit on by other guys, and your boyfriend doesn’t even care anymore!
It’s about wanting him to act how he used to act when the two of you first met –
you want him to fight for you and never let you slip away.”
Jentry was also involved in the Good As Gold production process, joining DeClue as
co-producer on eight of the album’s tracks.  Grammy-nominated Nashville producer
Mark Moffatt contributed production duties on the other five songs.  Good As
’s lone outside cut is a Keith Urban/Radney Foster/Darrell Brown track
called “Someday Soon.”

In 2012, Jentry has opened shows for The Band Perry, Travis Tritt and Jo Dee
Messina and McCreery.  She has been selected as a featured performer along with
Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band for Sky Ball X, a military fundraising event
held Oct. 26 at DFW International Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.



I have featured this artist previously on IndieWritersReview! So welcome back Hip Hop artist Stixx and his new video:O)


I just wanted to say first that while watching both these shows, I am touched, and greatly moved by the artists who are competing. All of them! Because after hearing each of their stories, there is one underlying thing, each of these artists are determined to put it all on the line, to go for their dreams… So many times over the course of watching these episodes, I have heard the phrase….”this is it”…”All is on the line”…”I have given up all to be here”…”There is no do or die…just do”.  Failure is not an option…These artist go out there, and for them,the moment they step up on that stage(whatever the show)…they are taking steps of faith to change their lives! So whether, they make it or don’t, whether they realize it or not, (and I speak to the artists, although, you may never see this post)…but you are reaching those of us out here that also have dreams, and maybe…just maybe…are now getting started, or really just are not sure how to go about going for what we dream, but you, each and every one of you…inspire


So to all those performers we view weekly,…you are touching lives and may not even realize it. So Kudos, you are already winners!

 X-Factor heated up this week…it was the Battle Rounds…and competition was fierce! I am enjoying X-Factor much more now, the focus is now on getting the best out each artist and choosing the best of the best. There was a decision made by the team that I completely disagreed with; it was sending home Jessica Espinoza. I believe that she had an awesome, full voice with multiple ranges, she had so much to work with, and I believe that she could have been one of the contenders.

One of my other favorites is Jennel Garcia, who shined in the first battle round, although her natural exuberance was dimmed in battle round#2, due to a poor song choice that was basically forced upon her by the another contestant she was paired with; But I do not believe she will be sent home, she has a proven track record, and I believe she is all the wiser now, and will come out swinging in later competitions, not allowing anyone to take this opportunity from her.

It was a little heart-rending seeing the multiple artists who, simply forgot the lyrics to the songs, and simply melted down. The stress of the competition was palpable; I am unsure how much was real and how much was manufactured for viewer satisfaction, but it truly effected me. I was tense the entire show!

There were some entertaining moments watching the competitive rivalry that the X Factor is playing up between CeCe Frey and Paige Thomas…I was a little thrown off  at first by CeCe’s very direct, and almost cocky attitude..(now I feel impressed by her dedication)…but the fact still remains that she backs up all that she says…both are very talented and I do hope they both make the cut. I will say whether you love or hate the way Ms. Frey comes across, it s apparent, she is truly standing out and will not be forgotten!

*Quick note* (Re: CeCe Frey)I did not like how she wasn’t very forthcoming on who picked the song for their competition,(Paige Thomas)… I am curious where her extreme competitiveness will take her!


I look forward to next week’s segment that will show who were the final 24 acts standing…and then off to the judge’s house:O)





Okay the blind auditions for the Voice season three has ended! I have truly enjoyed what I have seen so far. Like I have said previously, this is my first time following the music reality shows. I thought this group that sang tonight had the pressure to know that each team had one or two seats left. So the judges although having to make a choice, pressured to make that pick…they still had room to be selective.

I will admit that I was surprised by some of the choices of the coaches…although pleasant; some of the voices did not hit the vibrato from the earlier contestants, those roof raising tones that many of the earlier performers showcased. These were somewhat smoother, mellow, even toned. Admittedly many of the contestants were very very young, so their voices are still developing; but overall great job!:). Several of the performances found homes, not just on Cee lo, Blake, Adam or Christina’s team but Team Michelle as well! Here is my team and Team Jamie listed below. After seeing some sneak peaks of the battle rounds, I am so excited now for it to begin! I am very nervous for my team, but I have faith that they will do well, and pull it out! Hear that Jamie girl? Better get some sleep, after the competitions begin, you might not get much sleep:O) This is gonna be fun!

Team Jamie

Now Jamie stole a few that I WANTED on my team!: Kayla Nevarez, Celica Westbrook and Rudy Parris!(AArrgh!)

1) Cody Belew
2)Rudy Parris
3) Nathalie Hernandez
4)Sylvia Yacoub
5) Amanda Brown
6) Cassadee Pope
7) Alexis Marceau
8) Brandon Mahone
9) Diego Val
10) Suzanna Choffel
11)Kayla Nevarez
12) Joselyn Rivera
13)Beat Frequency
14) Benji
15) Ceclia Westbrook
16) Laura Viva
Team Michelle


Avery Wilson

Bryan Keith


Devyn Delora

Dez Duron


Emily Earle

Gracia Harrison

Liz Davis

Melanie Martinez

Michaela Paige

Mycle Wastman

Nicole Nelson

Trevin Hunte

Adrianna Louise


5 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Artist spotlight:Country Music artist Jenna Jentry, Music Mailbox and One Voice Feature!

  1. Yes, I agree, but she may be doing what is needed in her mind…that not allowing room for failure that I have seen exhibited in many of the performers…so, after watching her more recently… I say maybe just maybe theres more than arrogance there…she’s very driven, and that I actually do admire…I believe she is one I will watch, my hope is that we will see another layer to her as the show progresses…But regardless of her actions at the moment, she is VERY talented:O) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I think her first audition was all set up though. When she sang Unchained Melody and then launched into Christina Aguilera. I’ve a feeling the producers of the show set the the whole thing up, or maybe I’m just too cynical 🙂
    But she is talented and driven and I can admire that.

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