New Music Release Oct. 06th Rhythm and Vibes!

Hello everyone! Wednesday’s mean music as well around here at IndieWritersReview…with the Mid-week Mix on IndieReview Behind The Scenes, so make sure you go check out the great new music. I also wanted to quickly let you know about a new release that is coming Oct. 06th…






Pittsburgh artist DJ Afterthought is set to release his new album “Rhythm and Vibes” October 6th, under the Chatham based record label Playasville Entertainment. Most known for their work with local Hip Hop singer Charlie Burgess the “Best in the City”, Playasville Entertainment has worked very closely with Afterthought providing music production for the album, promotion, cover art, media releases, shot his first official music video in Toronto for the first single “Straight to the Top”, and also other various tasks revolving around the music.

What began with a simple Tweet on June 26 2012, from DJ Afterthought inviting Playasville ENT and Charlie Burgess to a show in Toronto, has led to a friendship and business relationship between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Chatham, Ontario.  Since working with DJ Afterthought, James Browning and Playasville Entertainment have assisted with building his online presence, media, album promotion and management.

The first single and music video for “Straight to the Top” has received a very positive response from online blogs, websites and has attracted and generated a little buzz surrounding the release of his album. Directed by James Browning, the music video features DJ Afterthought in various colourful and creative locations surrounding Toronto GTA area and reflects the atmosphere and outlook described in the lyrics of DJ Afterthoughts single. James also produced 3 tracks on the album including “Afterthought”, ”Astronaut Swag” and “Makes Me Sick” which features Germany’s amazing undiscovered gem, and Playasville Affiliate Jayda.  The album also features 4 tracks by Canadian producer Poetx and 4 tracks produced by DJ Afterthought/EMT (Elevator Music Team). The album was recorded at his home studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

“Rhythm and Vibes” will be available online October 6th. Please anyone with any questions or anyone who would like to get a hold of either DJ Afterthought or James Browning; you can find our numbers below. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. We hope to hear from you!

James Browning

Playasville Entertainment

Elevator Music Team


DJ Afterthought

James Browning


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