Some Blogging Love:O) Blogging Awards!

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing some of the love that was shown to me through a very special person and hopefully new on-line bud:) I was nominated for several awards by FUONLYKNEW and first I wish to give a big thanks and lots of love! Here is a big virtual *HUG*:)

Okay so the rules are as follows (I will combine the rules/responses due to they are very similiar; except for one exception:))

The rules:

1) Include the award in your post.

2) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

3) Tell 7 random facts about yourself. ( I will steal FUONLYKNEW’s idea and give ten random facts:)

4) Nominate 7 other blogs and let them know you’ve done so.











1) I love cold and rainy Fall days.

2) I am afraid of the dark.

3) I studied Clogging (and I liked it!;)


4)I studied Middle Eastern Dance(Belly Dance) and I enjoyed…but not sure how much others did!;O)

5) My 6th grade Teacher said that I was excellent at giving decription in my stories; I remembered that 30 years later! Teachers rock ya’ll!

6) I’ve never been in a haunted house

7)New Orleans is my favorite city

8) I love cats (Yes, I am a cat lady:)

9) I have two cats, 1 dog and 1 teenager:O)

and drum roll please….

NUMBER 10! I am actually very shy!

There you have it folks all about me…,lol…now I will list my nominees so please check them out!


1) Jamie Johnson

2)C.P. Bialois

3) JamieBMusings

4)Sybil Nelson

5)Suzie and Bunnies at Bunny’s Review

6) Jennifer Golub

7) Lisa Jackson)

Okay guys there you have it! Thanks again to FUONLYKNEW  and happy reading all!;0)


8 thoughts on “Some Blogging Love:O) Blogging Awards!

  1. Thanks so much Michelle! We have some of these in common. While I have never been in a haunted house, I have been on a haunted trail. I love fall too! You rock too! 🙂

  2. Go, Michelle! I love cold and rainy Autumn days too.
    “and 1 teenager” – ha ha. I really really want to visit New Orleans someday soon.
    What is clogging?

  3. I love cold and rainy days. A hot cup a tea and a good book are perfect for those days. I used to clog too! Been a long time but I loved it. I have one dog, one cat and one parrot!
    I’m not afraid of the dark, just what’s in it.
    Sending a hug back to ya!

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