IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday spotlighting Artist DJ AfterThought and One Voice feature new picks for Team Michelle!:O)

Happy Monday all, Its Monday and that means music here at IndieWritersReview! I am spotlighting a awesome new Hip Hop Artist DJ AfterThought who is looking to take the music scene by storm, and also, below are updates in my One Voice feature where I give updates about the two shows The Voice and X-Factor.

So check it out!


 DJ AFTERTHOUGHT When you think of Pittsburgh hip hop, you may think of Wiz Kalifia or even Mac Miller, but you should know about up comer DJ Afterthought. With his album set to be released October 6th, DJ Afterthought today has released a music video filmed in Toronto, Canada for his first single “Straight to the Top”.  With mainstream hip hop music sounding all so repetitive, Afterthought brings a variety of sounds and has created his own style fusing classic hip hop, alternative rock, reggae, and even elements of funk. Be sure to mark OCT 6th down on your calender!

 More on Dj Afterthought
 Hello everyone here where I give updates about The Voice and X-Factor. I also give my take on the show, Team Michelle and my week’s picks:)
 Tonight’s X-Factor was very entertaining, there was no outrageous antics to add to the mix. Now, there were a few funny characters, who I am just not convinced, are not placed on the show, just to give Simon and his crew fodder for conversation. But, overall the artist were entertaining, and there were many yes’s being distributed on this week’s show. But I have to admit, the yes’s were deserved. Many of the performances from artists in the Rhode Island area were outstanding in my opinion. I have two favorites, and yes, if I were creating an X-Factor team I would have these two as picks.
First, Arlin Ray a 16 year old who sang an original piece, that had the audience on their feet. This young man’s song had a nice flow, and rhythm and Arlin is not only a very talented singer, but in my opinion a very talented songwriter. I also was very moved by his confidence, Arlin had been a constestant last year, but was sent home; but he regrouped and returned with a confidence and a decision that failure was not an option…it worked and he received four yes’s and is on his way to boot camp!
My next pick is Dinah Jane Hansen, who is only 15 years old but has a voice that will bring to mind the mind blowing tones of Beyonce’! I believe she is one to watch…
Just for fun!
Owen Stuart sings for his girlfriend long distance! This was very sweet:)
I am very new to Music reality shows, and although I am enjoying the auditions, I look forward to when the show gets into the meat of the battle…but I will try and be patient:O)

The Voice was very fun to watch this week, there were some very talented artist. I was watching for pure enjoyment, I am attempting to keep my word, to not pick this week, so that Jamie B. Musings could have the opportunity to pick her members for Team Jamie:) I did have a head start, picking prime choices, and if we had spots left, we would find a fair way to compete for the final members. I know such great sportsmanship…NOT! ,lol Jamie choose quick, I found some talented players on this past week’s auditions I would LOVE to have on my team! So, stay tuned for our friendly competition, and hey fam…join in the fun with Jamie and me as we follow The Voice with our own friendly competition between Team Jamie and Team Michelle! We’re still gearing up but soon it will be ON!:)
Here are a couple I have my eye on if Jamie doesn’t snag them!
 Dez Duron and his rendition of Hall and Oates “Sara Smile”
I almost swooned! Honestly(um, I believe Blake swooned a little:O)
      Sylvia Yacoub (Fierce and feisty performance)

5 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday spotlighting Artist DJ AfterThought and One Voice feature new picks for Team Michelle!:O)

  1. Yes…Owen Stuart…I have added the video of his performance, and it was very sweet and he was good…but…and I might get booed for this:) …But like Brittany he didn’t wow me…although, its just a personal preference..unlike Brittanys at this point, my thoughts on it are worth a hill of beans meaning its just one person thoughts:) I wish him the best, and I do HOPE he proves both Brittany and me wrong:O)

  2. Oh, thank you. He is a cutie. He knows how to rock an audience anyway.
    Laughing at Simon rolling his eyes and Britney just casually sipping her Pepsi 🙂

  3. Arrgh! Seriously?! You snagged them! Wow…Dagnabit!:O) LOL…Alright, well same rules apply as the show itself…maybe I can snag them back during the season!…Enjoy while you can! LOL Hey thanks for stopping by!

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